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    Hey, ya you .. You¨re Awsome.

    You too, your mum too.
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    From $1 to Million - Forex Journey

    @OnlineA could you name 2 or 3 legit prop firms out there ?
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    $1000 Per Day Through Forex Trading From July To December

    Wonder if OP had passed the test
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    How much money we can make with 30k emails per month ?

    Are they B2B or B2C emails? Any way, It depends on how good you are in writing emails sequences + inboxing rate
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    What are the best ways to earn money online these days?

    Trading skills is the number one skill in the world imo, If you find a strategy that can give you ..% per day/week/month consistently you will print money for sure. You could check out Price action by ICT on YouTube. Promote affiliates products with paids traffic. Create a nice LP if necessary...
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    Question! I want to buy a site from Flippa for passive earnings

    Hmmm $1000 in sales last 2 week and you think you can get this site for $3000 guy ?
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    Question! I want to buy a site from Flippa for passive earnings

    I would not suggest to buy a website for the reasons mentioned above by the others. $3000 is a nice capital to get at least 4 websites with good metrics, strong links, contents. There are many types of websites out there : PAA sites, auto-blogs, websites with AI contents, Amazon...
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    Who Will Win The FIFA World Cup 2022?

    Hala Espana !
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    Who is your favourite at World Cup ?

    I would really like to see my country win this football world cup, but I know there is little to no chance to achieve this. My favorite team then? Spain. Cuz my girlfriend is Spanish a strong team though. Bet $40 a week ago for the final winning odd @9.
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    Is anyone here doing future trading full time?

    Do you mind share the company's name ?
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    Satanic Frozen is here, say me hello

    Hello friend, you're welcome !
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    $3.000/day With daily btc trade ( Journey )

    Any Update OP ?
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    Do you do future trading on binance?

    I found out more effective to take $1 TRADE instead of paper trades, it's real money, it's different... ALWAYS take partial profit, focusing on growing your account days after days. NEVER place a position without a stop loss STAY AWAY from high volatility, I hate it personally.
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    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    @HAkorehdeh comon guy
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    İ'm creating a SEO software. Your suggestions?

    I would really like an effective Instant Indexing function.
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    Investment Ideas with $10.000

    A pretty good amount to start a serious business. Imo, buy a couple of expired domains with high/very good metrics in some evergreen niches. Hire a designer and a native english writer to set up your sites and content creation. Then selling guess post and adsense would make your joy.
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    How you EARN your first 100$

    On crypto projects
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    [Lessons Learned] Haven't established a solid business/income online? READ THIS. (Not motivational)

    May your daughter RIP. Ty for sharing your experience, it was a pleasure to read all this. May you succeed in your new journey.
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    11,000+ posts!!! Achievement Unlocked

    11k posts and 11k reactions in just 4 years. Incredible guy!