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  1. Petergk

    Guest Post Question

  2. Petergk

    Guest Post Question

    I have a travel blog that gets around 10k-20k pageviews per month. I started it in August 2019 and the best month was during summer since the country I blog about gets 80% of the tourists between May and September. However, I believe that these are pretty good numbers especially with covid in...
  3. Petergk

    Google Business Reviews Free Review

    Can I have a review copy I do not have the required post count but I am very interested.
  4. Petergk

    Money Site, Premium-Quality/Well-Researched Content, starting low at $0.75 per 100 words.

    Just sent the payment for ORDER NUMBER:1529. Looking forward to the article
  5. Petergk

    Ad Network For Small Website

    Hello Guys, I started a travel website last November and right now is generating around 12,000 pageviews. I am experiencing pretty fast growth but I want to start monetizing. I usually go straight to MediaVine but because they increased their minimum threshold to join to 50k sessions a month...
  6. Petergk

    Which car could you buy for $15-20k?

    I bought a 2010 Audi Q5 for 13,000 euro a few months ago. Very happy with it.