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  1. TeamTCP

    Is it possible to monetize a blog from day one ?

    If on day 1 you can publish a bunch of content, then direct paid traffic to your website - then maybe you can. It can depend on what type of blog you are aiming for, but I think it is technically possible
  2. TeamTCP

    Can I remove non performing articles from time to time?

    After rewriting these "bad" articles, try to check their links and see if you can work on them too. Since your new articles are better, you might be able to internally link some of them towards your old ones, if they are relevant to each other.
  3. TeamTCP

    Virus on my website help needed

    Do you have a backup for your website? Reset your server. If you are hosting on a shared server platform like bluehost, you can ask support from them. Then, reupload a backup copy of your website. I'm hoping that you have one.
  4. TeamTCP

    Can platform like wix be used for adsense blogs ?

    Yes. Just insert the Adsense code
  5. TeamTCP

    I want to buy google adsense account

    You can also try checking the BHW marketplace.
  6. TeamTCP

    Is it best to redirect website on new domain

    Try finding out why you got hit first, and then recover. if it fails, then you can try redirecting to a new domain. sometimes, your backlinks might be the cause of your penalties, so make sure that you've thoroughly looked for the reason why you got hit in the first place.
  7. TeamTCP

    Who else got this from GSC?

    These are probably search queries that could be related to the topics/keywords ranked by your site. It sounds awesome, though.
  8. TeamTCP

    What's better than Wordpress?

    If you don't like WordPress, you might want to try Joomla
  9. TeamTCP

    On Page SEO with Surfer SEO

    Does that mean the content score on surfer seo is highly significant for assessing on-page seo for content? What about the keywords? do you have to follow them all throughout in that case?
  10. TeamTCP

    How I ranked 11 Services in 31 Cities - Case Study

    Awesome research, mate!
  11. TeamTCP

    Where do you go for written articles?

    You can check the marketplace here on BHW.
  12. TeamTCP

    If you had $500 to spend on boosting a new YouTube channel, what would you spend it on?

    Various ways. 1. Channel competitor analysis - with this, you might have to purchase subscriptions to tools that you might need. 2. Outsourcing - If you hire a VA for this, you have to pay him/her, of course. 3. Content testing/experimentation - You might have to test content at first, maybe...
  13. TeamTCP

    Don't waste time using ChatGPT 100% content

    I think AI detection of content highly depends on the niche and the process. If your niche is more on the unique side, then you might get more unique results on chatgpt queries. Also, the more you process the results of these queries, the more unique it will appear and pass AI detection.
  14. TeamTCP

    If you had $500 to spend on boosting a new YouTube channel, what would you spend it on?

    Starting out? Maybe half for a decent branding kit, and half for a good content calendar.
  15. TeamTCP

    What is the easiest way to get human-readable content for Web 2.0?

    Hire some writers for your content, i think?
  16. TeamTCP

    do you recommend using something like medium or blogger?

    for main cornerstone articles, you might want to use your own website, then use medium/blogger to publish articles pointing to your main site.
  17. TeamTCP

    What is your favorite method to drive traffic to your new blog ?

    Favorites - Social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit Favorable - Google Search
  18. TeamTCP

    I have $500 to invest monthly into my blog (what should I do)

    If you can write the content yourself, then invest some money in tools that can help you with your SEO, and improve it by yourself, or outsource them. Check out some offers here in BHW marketplace. Also, check the offer in BHW Partnerships tab for a subscription to SEMRush, you might wanna try that.
  19. TeamTCP

    attractive way to promote fb group on blog

    You could insert an in-text link to your fb group on some of your good content. Ask them politely to join your community for exclusive content (which should be in the fb group and such). Just offer them the value of joining your FB group, and people will eventually join.
  20. TeamTCP

    Do you add videos in all your articles on the blog?

    It depends on the topic, but not always.