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  1. xyrensdue

    [SERPower] - Affordable Tier1/Tier2 PBN Blog Posts - Unique Handwritten Content

    Can I provide my own content and can we choose which blogs to post to from your list?
  2. xyrensdue

    Using Spun Content On Money Site?

    Not a good idea at all. Write unique content from the start and take it from there. You don't need useless volume, what you need is quality, rankable and shareable content.
  3. xyrensdue

    seo masters what kind of on-page seo optimization is this ? please see

    Probably some form of a hack. People doing a kinds of things to rank.
  4. xyrensdue

    Too Many Years Out Of The Game

    Nothing changed do what you used to and start earning again while learning at the same time what improvements need to be done over what you used to do.
  5. xyrensdue

    Outgoing links on a webpage diluting link juice?

    Look for plugins, there are many tat you could use to nofollow specific links.
  6. xyrensdue

    How can they predict direct website visit?

    I suppose they have their own ago to calculate that? It easy to determine how many visits a keyword could possibly get when they rank on a certain spot on the first page and cumulatively, you could get traffic ideas by taking into account all your keywords.
  7. xyrensdue

    PBN Newbie, Start with Domain or Sub Domain?

    Start with web2.0s and also throw in some private domains. You can continue with this trend.
  8. xyrensdue

    Need human "bots" to increase my CTR

    Improve your SEO both onpage and off page and it will help reduce your bounce rate and ctr respectively. I doubt such services can be worth your time and resources which is perhaps why you are unable to find decent services.
  9. xyrensdue

    Daily Updated Link Lists by SeRocket GSA / ScrapeBox / Verified Link List

    Give me $20 Discount Coupon
  10. xyrensdue

    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    Interested in it, any free trials?
  11. xyrensdue

    Questions about TTF & TF / CF

    Google juice is not related to tf/cf, its a different metric altogether. Focus upon Google and ranking factors instead of third party metrics.
  12. xyrensdue

    To edit or not to edit

    Fix grammar and it might just rank better.
  13. xyrensdue

    Best speech recognition software?

    Dragon is the best but you could use your cellphone/computer with google docs app and dictate almost perfectly if you can speak clearly.
  14. xyrensdue

    Help Me Suggest Me Domain Name

    You want us to go to godaddy and search a name that we find ourselves for you? What forums have u been on before BHW?
  15. xyrensdue

    What Web Sites Analytic Tool is the Best One?

    ahrefs and semrush are good.
  16. xyrensdue

    How long for links?

    2 months and no results means your links are useless.
  17. xyrensdue

    Expired Domain Advice

    If its in the same niche, language should not matter really. Are backlinks predominantly Russian too?
  18. xyrensdue

    I have £100 what should I do with it?

    Invest most of it on content as that is the king.