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  1. Daddy1969

    Need Partner With Active Stripe Account, Get 50% of Incoming Payments

    What do you sell? I have mutiple commercial payment accounts, paypal, stripe, payoneer, etc.. depends which one you need and how much money is moved
  2. Daddy1969

    Reddit Accounts With High Karma

    Do you sell just karma?
  3. Daddy1969

    NEED to create a bot that buys from Nike and Adidas.

    HIRE/FREELANCER We are looking for a programer that can: create a bot that can checkout from Nike and Adidas. be operational in the US and Canada. have multiple thread captcha solver. unlimited tasks. proxy support and api. reqs: English is a must previous experience is required Pm for...
  4. Daddy1969

    I'm a full-stack developer, open to new ventures

    i have a few saas and website platforms in progress, what are your expertises and how big of a project can you handle. i can supply the capital and resources needed.
  5. Daddy1969

    My digital product + Your ebay account

    what are your gross margins/net profit and are there any plans to expand the product (depending on the nature of the product/service)
  6. Daddy1969

    rank for google "near me" searches

    Can you please explain a little bit more, thank you so much man.
  7. Daddy1969

    rank for google "near me" searches

    so is ranking for google near me searches the same as ranking a site for a local city or are there different methods to rank for "near me" searches. also is voice search optimizing worth it, if so any methods
  8. Daddy1969

    virtual address and GMB

    any way around it or can I rent an address that's not virtual
  9. Daddy1969

    virtual address and GMB

    anyone know of a way to get an address anywhere in us or Canada that I could use in google my business, any help would be appreciated
  10. Daddy1969

    local seo service

    hello, anyone know of a local seo service here on bhw that works to rank low comp keywords for local business and under 300. I've looked so much and only found a couple with not too many reviews and/or too expensive, any help would be appreciated, many thanks.
  11. Daddy1969

    local seo service

    hello, I'm looking for someone to rank easy local keywords for my clients business, im willing to pay up to 300 depending on the monthly searches and how many keywords there are. you must be experienced with this kind of work and have done it before (with proof) this is a monthly service and id...
  12. Daddy1969

    Making a new shop on etsy?

    I made a shop and got banned immediately cuz I didnt use real names then they asked for ID. Is there a way to make an account or buy one without real information and ssn
  13. Daddy1969

    Your Favorite Stand-Up Comedian

    Um fluffy anyone?
  14. Daddy1969

    flippa bids

    hello, im wondering how can I get Flippa accounts to bid on my auction to make it active and be seen by more people, should I post a WTB thread or something else, are there people on here that have multiple Flippa accounts any help would be appreciate it, thanks.
  15. Daddy1969

    What's your favourite quote?

    Not if you share it through the back door ;)
  16. Daddy1969

    Made my first dollar on quora partners

    You cant have multiple accounts and it must be a real name sometimes they need an ID to verify Yes Just google quora partners Edit: here's the link...
  17. Daddy1969

    Made my first dollar on quora partners

    Theres only support I think its [email protected] but you cant do anything about it, you can only get invited ot if you know someone who works there and I think it's only for us members, good luck tho
  18. Daddy1969

    Made my first dollar on quora partners

    So I got the invite about a month ago and I didnt know what to do with it, I tried to sell it at first and I got some offers between 500-1000 and I was going to sell it right away, but then I thought about it for a second, if i sell it i get alot of money right away BUT if i invest time and...
  19. Daddy1969

    Free Python coding..My tribute to BHW

    A tool to automate orders from woocommerce stores and auto orders from other stores like ebay and amazon