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  1. digitaljig

    TrafficJunky is a scam platform

    So can anyone please confirm can we promote, crypto, fantasy sports and casino ads in India via traffic junky is it allowed on their platfrom and paxum their payment gateway it really giving me hard time to register
  2. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

  3. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    Thanks for the quick reply
  4. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    k. Noted. HNY2023 Thanks in advance,
  5. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    ok thanks I will check and let you know if it is working or not working
  6. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    have you tried any platfrom and it is working let me know, have you heard about ad roller but they told us can't work on casino and gambling sports
  7. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    We are doing it and got success as well failure also you are right about giving up because for some brands it works some brands it does not also depend upon how whole tracking is set up and landing page. most of them do use clocker method as well. any tips where I can make my accounts sustain...
  8. digitaljig

    Which country has the tastiest food?

    Indian - Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Indian Chainese Italian, peshwari, lebasese I do like some Canadain deserts
  9. digitaljig

    My Google Ads + Your Thailand Casino Project

    What is the current CPA in thailand realistic please
  10. digitaljig

    Adwords for casino

    keeping all the guidelines intact and if I want to launch a marketing campaigns for USA brand what things should I keep in mind what is the key difference of USA online casino and gambling from other countries say india
  11. digitaljig

    Adwords for casino

    I wanted to start running Gambling, sport betting, casino ads and fantasy sports ads in USA wanted to enter that market any tips, tricks or guideline to follow how to get client and all. Rules and regulations that I will check out from internet. I have done it in most countries where there are...
  12. digitaljig

    affiliate marketing

    I just have one question does affiliate marketing mean different in India and say USA what exactly affilaite marketing in USA mean
  13. digitaljig

    USA Casino Gambling Sport Betting

    Hi There, I am conducting research on US market for Gambling, Casino & Sports Betting, any Idea how do I start any links/info which I can refer what are the hindrance I will face while running campaign on allowed state what are the solutions even a small help will matter
  14. digitaljig

    Cloaking for google ads recommendation!

    Hi Talented people out here If you reading this and if you can help us for this DM me
  15. digitaljig

    IPL monetization ideas?

    I am reasearching about the evolution of IPL and how it has been evolved around the years and how adverrisers sponsers and their journey to get traffic and all related to digital marketing giving example of like dream 11 and other players to leveraged it and how do you have any ppt doc content...
  16. digitaljig

    How can I monetized Facebook page?

    I want to create new page and then grow that page, but I do not want facebook to restrict that page in the past I have created many pages on cricket, gaming but eventually they restrict it can you suggest best practices
  17. digitaljig

    Google Play Store marketing Ad

    a quick technical question I am hoping you can answer for me. The developers are asking that, if you would embed a dynamic link or the Google Play Store link in the marketing ads? so Is there any flexibility in which the link is embedded? (I imagine there is but we wanted to ask)
  18. digitaljig

    Teaching graphic design

    ok thank you
  19. digitaljig

    Gambling ads

    I haev tried taboola CPR way too high and there were rarely any FTD
  20. digitaljig

    Teaching graphic design

    can you share it with me I want to start graphic designing as a second hand income and it is urgent