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    I'm interested, sent pm
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    Welcome to BTW mate
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    Edit pdf

    Hi can anyone help me with editing a pdf document? Not too much work just a few lines Please recommend software/ applications to professionally edit pdf documents.
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    [Mega Giveaway] Everyone will get UNLIMITED FREE Wordpress Themes and Plugins of your Choice!

    Thanks.. Most files are already blocked From downloading like elementor pro which I desperately need
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    Can I Please Have This One Mate
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    How to work in Canva?

    How much do freelancers charge for posters, flyers etc
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    Looking to connect with someone from South Africa...

    Hi Jeffoski You Can also hit me up
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    Missing Persons Website/ software

    HI I Need Urgent Help!! My country has seen a rise in the number of missing persons cases and Gender Based Violence.There Are more than 5 women and children Going missing with no trace and some coming up dead later.. I Need A website and software that will post and distribute via social media...
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    [FREE UDEMY COURSES] 21 Courses Fresh From Soto Restaurant.

    Thanks For the Course Bro I Grabbed A Few.
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    Investment Club/Group And Business Advice

    The Rooms To Let Do Not Have To Be Something Expensive To Build Or Fancy. These Simple Rooms Are The Best. Safe And Cheap To Build.
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    Investment Club/Group And Business Advice

    These are The Type Of Machine I Was Thinking I Ca Invest In As A Starter.
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    Investment Club/Group And Business Advice

    I was Trying To Add A Few Pics So You Might Get An Idea Of The Things I'm Talking About But It Fails
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    Investment Club/Group And Business Advice

    Yes 1. It's A Private Equity Fund 2. Brick And Block Making And Selling 3. Real Estate
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    Investment Club/Group And Business Advice

    Well Things Like That We Will Have To Agree On As The Club. But I Was Think R700pm which is +- $40 Per Month, with 15 members. That Way We Have Enough To Buy The Block Making Machine And Start Making Bricks In The First 3 Months Of Investing. Another 6 months can Get Us The Plot And We Can Can...