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  1. knn125

    [Guides] Get this "bored af" backlinks

    How these backlinks will help my fashion blog as they are irrelevant to my niche? Should I go for it for link diversity? or google will hit me for building irrelevant links?
  2. knn125

    What type of link is this?

    Hello all, While checking the competitor's backlink profile, I found this link. Can anyone tell what type of backlink is this? How to get such backlinks? is it worth it?
  3. knn125

    Homepage or Category Page Link on Guest Post?

    Hello all, I am working on an eCommerce clothing store brand. While acquiring guest post links by outreach, which link should I need to provide on a guest post? Homepage link i.e. brand name or category pages(showing all products)? Which is more beneficial to pass link juice? Please guide.
  4. knn125

    Google skip web2.0 and profile backlink?

    so Google will like only guest post links? then how backlink profile diversity helps?
  5. knn125

    What really works in 2022 for offpage SEO?

    If guest posts only working, then how backlink profile will be diversified?
  6. knn125

    Backlink from high authority sites needs tiered linkbuilding?

    My question is tired link building is for money site or for backlinks we created?
  7. knn125

    Backlink from high authority sites needs tiered linkbuilding?

    What does it mean? Please explain
  8. knn125

    Backlink from high authority sites needs tiered linkbuilding?

    Hello, Suppose I get a good backlink from high authority sites having high PA DA (e.g. forbs, cnn, etc) Does this backlink require tiered linkbuilding including web 2.0, profiles, wiki, articles, comments, etc.? If yes, then these big sites dont get harmed and spammed?
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    Need Quality Link Building

    Hello, Looking for a person who is good at blog outreach and can acquire good and powerful backlinks to achieve ranking for my fashion niche website. PBN Sellers do not contact.
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    Looking Fashion Guest Posts

    Looking for real fashion websites with good PA DA with decent traffic.
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    Pinterest Board Invite Exchange - More than 100 boards

    I need fashion and beauty boards.Please reply.
  12. knn125

    Build an Authority Link Profile with .Edu and .Gov links from prestigious Institutions

    Please send some samples and the 20% code too.