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  1. Shree

    Feeling distraction in learning languages, What to do?

    I would suggest finding a study group. And if possible a coach / mentor who will make sure you complete certain tasks everyday.
  2. Shree

    ✅ eBook: How to find Expired Domains

    Discount, please
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    I’m working on an AI article detection tool.

    It's possible to edit AI generated content and make it seem like it's hand written. I have tested this approach with several ai detection tools including, and GPTTrue or False. I am very curious to know how your tool will be...
  4. Shree

    Merry Christmas Giveaway Thread!

    Merry Christmas, Folks I am gifting 100 free copies of my Technical SEO course ... The number of copies are strictly limited, and this is only for BHW ... So I request you...
  5. Shree

    [Question] Is anyone still seeing People Also Ask in the serps?

    I am no longer seeing PAA when logged in. I am from India, and I am wondering if anyone anywhere is still able to see PAA in the serps? I never thought this could go away. But I guess Google is now targeting PAA spam sites.
  6. Shree

    [QUESTION] What is The Best All-In-One SEO Tool That is NOT Ahrefs nor SEMRush?

    IMO there's no alternative to ahrefs / semrush. You will need to use one of them.
  7. Shree

    How are you all doing Content Outlines?

    I have used both. Frase is the better of the two as you can also do a bit of on page optimization with it. Though I feel CORA is the best tool for on-page.
  8. Shree

    How are you all doing Content Outlines?

    Frase or are pretty good for building content outlines.
  9. Shree

    Anyone site: only 4 results indexed penalty now?

    Does your site have about us, contact us and privacy policy pages? Is your email address in the footer? Have you created a FB page for your website? And have you built any backlinks?
  10. Shree

    [ebook + 49 videos] Crazy Fast WordPress Sites!

    PM sent!
  11. Shree

    Website speed simple trick!!! Pass core web vitals

    Delaying all scripts usually works. But in some websites, once JS kicks in, the layout can shift. This can cause problems with CLS.
  12. Shree

    ✅Semrush Guru 30 Days ✅Canva PRO ✅MOZ PRO ✅Full Replacement Warranty! ❤️%90 Discount!

    I would like to order a canva pro account
  13. Shree

    Has the BHW website gotten a lot slower - or is it just me?

    From the past few days, BHW is loading extremely slow. Every other website I try is loading pretty fast. I have no problem playing YouTube videos at 1080p, full screen. So I am wondering if there's any problem with my computer / network. Or whether BHW has gotten slower for some reason?
  14. Shree

    Q&A Grabber - The Real Answer to Your Content Problems

    I would appreciate a discount coupon. Can this be installed on 3 computers?