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  1. atsdie

    if google ads in prioritizing a video should i let it?

    I've been running google ads on around 20 vids in 1 of my ad group. google ads has been heavily favoring a video I don't really want to the "main one" or the first one to catch the algorithm but I'm wondering if im shooting myself in the foot here this 1 video can become as high as 25% of the ad...
  2. atsdie

    Anyone know how important a Wikipedia page is to Spotify's algorithm?

    Hi, working on making an SEO presence for my music. I know Spotify crawls the web as well as it's own listener data to determine who to suggest artists to. How important might something like a Wikipedia page for that artist be?
  3. atsdie

    Fastest way to get "rent-stable"?

    feel you. guess im not good enough at making enough yet. any way to help notice and execute opportunities better? or is it just practice makes perfect?
  4. atsdie

    Fastest way to get "rent-stable"?

    This is awesome. Tips to find a small town?
  5. atsdie

    Fastest way to get "rent-stable"?

    Hope this isn't too noobie of a question. What is the fastest way to get rent-stable off online income? By this I mean the fastest way to be able to quit a job, or at least have enough money for a humble/cheap place to live + wifi and enough food? Thanks for any direction.
  6. atsdie


    Hi, new to BHW have been a lurker a little bit. Thanks for the good information so far. I guess my question right now is what is best to do with ~200 direct website visitors / week. Have some domains that naturally get traffic, so it's people looking for something else landing here. Right now...