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  1. xgf666

    Weird (spammy) websites creating backlinks to my images should I disavow ?

    Hi, Since about a month some weird websites started creating backlink to my images To name a few because there are 50+ The page linking to my website is always named after one of my KW like...
  2. xgf666

    Backlink Audit in 20 Steps (Guide)

    I'm confused as why you call this a guide ? You just copy pasted every datas you can pull from a Majestic/Semrush report and wrote "step #" next to each charts. I'm sorry but how is this guide different to: Step 1: Have a Majestic/Semrush account Step 2: Read Majestic/Semrush datas ? Wow you...
  3. xgf666

    Will this come true ?

    I can't believe I fell on this clickbait title :<
  4. xgf666

    [BlogPro AMA] 1500 Posts - Ask about PAA Sites / Data Enriched Sites / Job Boards / Scraping / AI / ML - Go Ahead!

    Thanks for doing this AMA ! Do you purchase links or do you create them yourself ? How do you handle your links velocity ?
  5. xgf666

    Fake OnlyFans

    How come this is BHW and people are judged by Ned Flanders ? Lord protect us if someone optimise his website's off-site seo to manipulate the SERPS. If someone wants to pay for this guy's content let them be. I don't understand why would one pays for pron in the first place tho
  6. xgf666

    Question from a 16 year old in uk

    Solid advice ! I wouldn't spend on the Ahref subscription until ~5 months after the launch tho. If you do this and it fails, worst case scenario you would have learned tons of new skills. Specially if you don't know how to dev yet.
  7. xgf666

    I can download 10-20k tiktoks per day.

    Did you read this: And this:
  8. xgf666

    Gmb verification

    We had a chat on skype and he does not work for GMB but Bubingo will propably scam someone soon.
  9. xgf666

    Github achievements brought in...

    How high are you ?
  10. xgf666

    Github achievements brought in...

    Meh github is certainly good for a backlink or two other than that you can't monetise anything from it. Maybe generate a lead or two from the forum ? But that's a long shot
  11. xgf666

    Github achievements brought in...

    I beg your pardon ?
  12. xgf666

    I Found out why google de-indexed my articles ! Now i want to to fix it !

    Try to enter instead of /sitemap.xml Also verify from a different browser that is accessible
  13. xgf666

    I stole a video from someone's landing page....unsafe?

    Maybe no one explained it to you when you registered but BHW is not Facebook. We'd appreciate if you'd contribute only when you have something interesting to say. Thank you
  14. xgf666

    I am now Blue ?

    I can't believe that you registered not even two months ago :o
  15. xgf666

    How is Google reacting to pages with dynamic content ?

    Hi, Let's say I have a classified website organised like that: Landing page -> Type of Food -> Restaurants So that people can click on "Pizza" to be redirected to and see which restaurants are from this category. One of the restaurants link present on the page is...
  16. xgf666

    Looking for someone with 20-30 instagram accounts (or more)

    To participate to a rafle you need to be able to: 1/ Follow an account 2/ Tag a friend and write a comment 3/ Repost in the story 4/ Recieve the potential DMs (they will be sent tommorow) Contact me by PM if you can offer this service Thank you for your interest
  17. xgf666

    how can we use Instagram ads to grow business?

    This you ?