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    FREE Spotify Account

    I'm interested also:)
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    My First Non-Adult Journey - PAA On Steroids

    You don't like API indexing because of the speed? or because of some other issues?
  3. J just outranked my site

    How did they achieve this though? It looks like it was a website for a real place and they just decided to put auto generated spam on it? Is that about right?
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    Just joined the blue side of life

    You've got to quit chewing on your bic, man.
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    This is the equivalent of their own scam if they try to enforce that.
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    The fastest way to learn programming? ??

    It sounds like you are interested in automation. You should start with Python and crash course yourself. Look at what people are doing with it. I think it might be the kind of thing you are wanting to do.
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    Where can I learn everything about python for free ?

    Here's a good post right here in the forum:
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    JavaScript or Python?

    JS started out being used for the web. It is better for manipulating the DOM and building frontends. JS is good for full stack as well because there is solid backend solutions as well. All in one language. Scraping and automation goes to Python I'd say - in large part due to the concise syntax...
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    What programming languages are you proficient in?

    If you don't like to build things you will just keep getting bored with it. You should take what you are learning and build something. Take the practice projects and apply them towards your own ideas. Then you start to really learn it. Why learn python if you won't use it for something? Your...
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    BTC price at the end of year 2022

    I'm leaning more towards this at this point.
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    Business ventures to get into (investment or not)

    Depends on your budget and knowledge. Don't just throw money at things and hope it sticks.
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    Over 50% of crypto transactions on exchanges are fake

    There is a lot of bot volume. And you have a lot of whales holding. So maybe it is that high?
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    When this bear started it crossed my mind that it would go waay down again but they would do it slower this time and that is kinda what ended up happening. I'm not sure the Mt. Gox coins will cause a big selloff because of the potential upside but it could. BTC was worth around $400-450 then I...
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    Growing A Crypto Twitter Account - Real Case Study

    Good job. Will keep an eye on this.
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    Taliban Ban Crypto in Afghanistan

    They don't know how to use crypto just like they don't know how to use the guns and helicopters the U.S. left there for them so they ban it.