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  1. astro2014

    Guide: This is how you really make $100 profit with affiliate marketing (with paid ads)

    But what kind of videos, showing your face and talking for example about the advantages of taking XYZ product to increase libido? I would appreciate if you could give me some guidance on this.
  2. astro2014

    [ 1 Beta Tester Required ] Your OWN Automated Twitter Network (RT+LIKE YOUR POSTS)

    100% interested and I am committed to giving you an honest review based on the results obtained. I'm not Jr VIP........
  3. astro2014

    Question about non-skippable in-stream ads and skippable in-stream ads

    Any answer?, Is there someone who is encouraged to answer?
  4. astro2014

    Question about non-skippable in-stream ads and skippable in-stream ads

    Hi guys, I have a question. Which company - different from adsense - offers the option to put ads on the videos of a website I own, like the ads that youtube shows when a video starts? In other words, which companies offer non-skippable in-stream ads and skippable in-stream ads? I appreciate...
  5. astro2014

    It's Time to Realize the Full Potential of Your Website with Reddit.

    Honestly, when I see a person insistently promoting a course that supposedly serves to earn a lot of money, I completely stop believing that this course actually serves any purpose. I hope I will not be penalized for expressing what I think.
  6. astro2014

    Again PayPal...Again, on 1st November

    I don't know if this is of any use to you. A few years ago I had a problem with paypal. They arbitrarily withheld $1000 for TWO YEARS. I called them a million times to claim my money and they treated me like I was a criminal and had stolen that money. They always made me feel like shit. Do...
  7. astro2014

    [JV] My Dev Team - Your Marketing & Managerial Skills | Blockchain Bank & Payment System.

    I am interested in. I would appreciate if you could send me more information.
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    Your Adsense Account + My Method

    Please check your DM.
  9. astro2014

    How to

    Learn how to make a redirection. YouTube is full of tutorials that explain this.
  10. astro2014

    It's Time to Realize the Full Potential of Your Website with Reddit.

    Why the price difference from this offer you posted in 2018 which cost $79 and is identical to the current one because even you use the same images (after 4 years) in the two offers to show the number of...
  11. astro2014

    ✅ Legitimate Method ✅ How To Make Make $50 / Day and More Online

    Not to be a killjoy, but this only works if the videos are positioned on youtube and achieving that with a new channel is almost impossible nowadays, then, waiting for youtube videos to bring traffic to fiverr is a dream and nothing more. On the other hand, the same thing happens on fiverr. You...
  12. astro2014

    Looking for a software

    Vegas Pro.
  13. astro2014

    youtube banned my account :(

    I think the one who went too far was you and not them. Youtube "hates" porn and that's something everyone who uses youtube should know.
  14. astro2014

    [GIVEAWAY] 5 Free BHW Jr. Vip Upgrades!

    Great for the winners and thanks to you for the opportunity.
  15. astro2014

    Can someone please recommend a safe and fast method to earn money?

    Thank you for your interest in helping. I would like to lie and say that I live in Europe because I really need money, but it's not true, I don't live there. Anyway, thanks. Your good intention to help is what counts.
  16. astro2014

    [GIVEAWAY] 5 Free BHW Jr. Vip Upgrades!

    [/USER] Good luck for all and thanks again for giving all of us the opportunity to dream with this award.
  17. astro2014

    [email protected] Reddit Diamond Method

    I don't know if this method works for anyone. I have created 10 accounts on Textnow to get different numbers and all textnow numbers are rejected by TW. Similarly, I have used at least 15 other free phone services and it is impossible to get past TW filters. Surely this worked a few months...
  18. astro2014

    [Giveaway] Expired tumblrs 20-70 PA

    Interested. Thanks.