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    Hi Khoema ! Welcome To BHW
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    Increasing DR and DA

    Increasing DR and DA requires multiple factors, including fresh high-quality content, backlinks, website architecture, and more. However, If you are Doing Guest Post it is important to note that the quality of the guest post in low-quality sites or posts can hurt your overall authority.
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    Linkedin connection limit bypass possible?

    Yes, LinkedIn has indeed limited the number of connection invitations that can be sent per week to around 100 for most users. There is no official workaround for this limitation, as it is imposed by LinkedIn's systems.
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    using cdn for pbn domain?

    Hi , It's up to you to decide Using a CDN for a PBN domain but it's not necessary But using CDN can provide several benefits, such as More Reliability, High website loading speed & Improved security.
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    What are the main differences between Google Ads and Facebook/TikTok Ads?

    it depends on your specific advertising goals and target audience. If you're looking to drive website traffic or sales, Google Ads may be the better option. However, if you're looking to build brand awareness or reach a specific target audience, Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads may be a better...
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    Help!!! Website ranking going down

    This is Normal & May Happens Due To the Following Reasons which Mentioned Already Like Algorithm Update, Mobile Responsiveness, Page speed, Back Link Profile etc., To diagnose and fix the issue, I Suggest you to perform a thorough SEO audit and make necessary changes.
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    Should I update old content or create a part 2?

    Hey Iykathe ! You can Either update or Make a sequel ! but here are some general recommendations: Update the content only If the information in the post is still relevant, but simply outdated, you can consider updating the content to reflect current best practices. This will not only make your...
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    press release and guest posting

    Both press releases and guest posts have their own unique benefits, and which one is best for you will depend on your specific goals and needs. Press releases can be an effective way to get media coverage and exposure for your brand, while guest posts can be a great way to build relationships...
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    How many tapes of backlinks?

    There are Some More In addition to Listed Natural backlinks: These are links that are earned naturally, without any specific effort to acquire them. They are often the result of high-quality content or a strong online reputation. Directory backlinks: These are links that are placed in online...
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    Any Free Tool To Show All Backlinks on My Site?

    This tool is Really Good. Mean while You can also Use Majestic Backlink Checker Tool.
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    Can we use residential addresses for Google Business Profile?

    It is possible to use your residential address on Google My Business, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, Google My Business allows businesses that operate primarily from a physical location open to the public during regular business hours, so if your business is open to...
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    I want GMB verification without postcard

    To My Knowledge there is No Software Available For Verification! But For Every Business Google will not Suggest For Post Verification , In Many cases I got Verification Through Mobile Number!
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    Is it possible to claim wiki backlink?

    Hey ! It is possible to get a backlink from Wikipedia, but it can be difficult. The Wikipedia community is very strict about maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the information & It's worth noting that Wikipedia is not a platform to promote your website or business, it's an encyclopedic...
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    My website age is 2 month, i want to create 100+ backlink per day. It's good or bad for my site?

    Hey man Creating 100+ backlinks per day for a website that is only 2 months old is likely to be seen as suspicious and could potentially harm your website's search engine ranking. remember quality is more important than quantity . Rather than trying to acquire a large number of links quickly...
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    having .html at the end on URL affect SEO?

    the file extension of a website URL, such as .html, doesn't have a significant impact on SEO, it's still a good practice to use, it makes the URL more readable for the users and also for the website owners. pay attention to the overall structure and organization of your URLs. Search engines...
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    New here to BHW

    Welcome to BHW.
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    Search Volume Bulk Search

    Hey Danielx There are several free tools available for identifying bulk keyword search volume accurately, some popular ones include: Google Keyword Planner Keywords Everywhere Keyword Tool SERPstat Ahrefs Keywords Explorer SEMrush KWFinder It's important to note that these tools are...
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    NEW member at here,

    Hey Welcome to BHW !
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    Impact of www and non-www version of a website indexed?

    Hi Bread im Having quite Knowledge about this Issue Hope This Will Help You ! It's possible that resolving the issue of having both the www and non-www versions of a site indexed can lead to an increase in traffic and rankings. This is because having multiple versions of a website can cause...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello ! Welcome to the BHW ! Best wishes to achieve your Digital marketing goals.