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    Fake Elon giveaway is back

    I just saw this scam again myself and wanted to post about it lol. Check the adresses from their sites ...btc..eth and all.... their scam is working too good lol. A shit load of money made in few days
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    Google first page Ranking

    Are you for Real dude ?
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    Count me in for a free review copy if still available. Thanks!
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    Anything wrong with google indexing again ?

    Hello, I own few google news autoblogging websites and all are spread on on 2 separate hostings (each with dedicated ip). Since yesterday, my news sites arent indexing in google anymore. I checked search console and everything looks right, checked the sitemaps and feed links, all work fine...
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    Urgently need $500 dollars a day. Serious reply and suggestions???

    Make your GF a star.... post her on onlyfans and maybe you will do 500$ a day.
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    Guys, did you get paid at Cpamatica this week?

    Why post here and not send them message ? Whats your point ?
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    [Warning ] is scam, dont use their services

    I use iproyal for 6+ months til now... i use the Royal Residential pack..... as for proxies they are very good and fast...uptime is good... but i think they may steal some bandwitch because it goes off very fast compared to few other proxy providers.....
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    Can't win a single Project on Upwork been 3 days !

    Making more posts with same subject on bhw wont grant you a win on upwork .
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    [Giveaway] Canva Pro | 1 - Year Membership

    Long Live BlackHatWorld, Give Me Canva Pro Now! I guess i am too late. Great giveaway. Peace!
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    Earn Passive Income With Automated News Website ★ 50% OFF ★

    Can i see sample ? Thanks
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    What is your internet speed ? Download / Upload

    This is my speed on torrent on 1gbps home internet with WIFI connection 5.0 (without cable) . Wifi is set at 5m distance from where I usually have laptop open. Internet connection costs me 10$ a month. Whats yours and how much you pay ?
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    PayPal negative $9800 advise

    I've been in similar situation some years ago with Paypal Negative balance... not as high as you...but still close to 1k. Negative balance was for 1+ year ... i didnt login to that account anymore. After some mails sent by paypal that I ignored through that year, I was called by a money recover...
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    Tell a joke and enjoy

    Poetry for a Gf or Wife ? Roses are Red, Violets are Blue , my c*o*k is both so let me stick it in you.
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    ✅ If you had 6 Minutes left to Live, what's the Last song you would Listen to?

    I would listen to theese special words
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    Scrapebox is a useless Software

    Scrapebox is probably the most usefull SEO SOFTWARE out there ..and it is for many years . I have it since it first appeared many years ago and is still doing a great job for me. Has alot of plugins and different functions that make everything easier.
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    Anything wrong with google right now ?

    Hello, Anyone notices anything wrong with google right now ? I have some multiple google news sites and few others on different platforms but none is indexing the posts for past 5-6 hours. Also, i checked multiple keywords in different niches that usually appear in last hour (from...