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  1. hotnicey

    Chat GPT is Putting Thousands of People out of Work!

    Honestly, I think when we listen to the negatives about AI, fear grips the heart. Karl Marx predicted the outcome of capitalism a hundred years ago.
  2. hotnicey

    What jobs do you think ai will replace in next 10 years?

    AI technology is another wonder of the 21st century. Despite its evolution, I don't intend to use it for content creation or other purposes. Whatever we believe in the mind, we conceive. I don't think it will take my job or assignment. I intend to be original and not allow a machine to alter me...
  3. hotnicey

    PayPal hassle

    Hello, Happy new year in advance. I have a big issue with PayPal. I don't live in the US. In 2012, I opened a paypal USA account and it was domant for some time but once in a while I did some transactions. I work as a freelancer . Recently I was paid over a thousand dollars into my account...
  4. hotnicey

    Is clickfunnel legit?

    Hello. Happy new year in advance. I signed up for click funnel affiliate program. I want to know whether it is legit? Can I make money there? Which methods can new affiliates use to promote their products? Thanks for your contributions
  5. hotnicey

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's

    I wish you all the best and long quality life.
  6. hotnicey

    What is your plan/goal on this upcoming 2023?

    I have 2022 goals still pending. I intend to achieve all by 2023 and write two more novels. Thanks
  7. hotnicey

    Lesson learned, I lost my all sites today

    Sorry for the loss. I had the same problem in 2018. The whole file in the hard disk got corrupted. I think I downloaded a malicious video that caused the problem.
  8. hotnicey

    Recommend me a Laptop

    Hello, I suggest you go for the degree, it won't be a waste of money. You can do a keywords search on "the best laptops for engineering". You will get good response. All the best
  9. hotnicey

    Payoneer is reviewing my money that came from Upwork

    I have a similar issue. My funds are missing. PayPal transfered money to Payoneer, the funds got missing, both institutions can't find the funds.
  10. hotnicey

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Thanks for the warning, watchman
  11. hotnicey

    How many countries have you visited?

    I have visited four countries, the last country I traveled to was so bad. Anyway, thanks for asking
  12. hotnicey

    Hi everyone

    Hello, how are you doing?
  13. hotnicey

    Just wanted to say cheers to you guys and I love this forum. Having a minor surgery tomorrow and I'm feeling paranoid.

    Hello, It is well with your soul, just call on JESUS CHRIST the healer. Divine health is your portion. By the way, you can drop by on the 29th of July 2022 for our prayer service for the sick. You can visit the healingstreams tv and register. GOD bless you.
  14. hotnicey

    After 3 years on BHW- finally some $$$

    Slow and steady wins the race. Good job! Don't join the circle of less work, plenty money.
  15. hotnicey

    What's your favorite food?

    Rice with rich veggies
  16. hotnicey

    What do you think of Queen Elizabeth II?

    She's a sweetheart
  17. hotnicey

    Can I ask a favor please?

    I'm in support of your decision. Political talk leads to disaffection.