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    This guy made $$$ from fake news

    This sort of thing really pisses me off.. it's even worse than people who spread fake news to further their political gains. Making money by purposely misleading people and possibly causing social unrest? You deserve worse than even the most corrupt politicians.
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    Cheap Tweet Automation Service

    I create a private Tumblr account then use Ifttt to link it to Twitter for this purpose. Make the Tumblr private so others can't report it. Tumblr has a very convenient queuing interface and I'll queue up up to 300 tweets then have it post anywhere from 1 to 50 a day, equally interspaced. Use...
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    How to increase engagement on Twitter?

    I find that being a bit controversial helps. Don't fake controversiality (aka trolling) but find a view you believe in that is very controversial and go into Twitter threads expressing the opposite view and state your honest opinion there.
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    Personal account help.

    Also follow the ppl who follow you AND make meaningful replies to their tweets
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    How to install AI GPT 2 in my windows 7 laptop please anyone help me

    Install python Pip install fastai transformers Then see:
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    Back Translation Method

    It might work if you back translate several times like En - Fr - En - Ru - En - Jp - En - De - En - Cn - En You can also switch the orders around for different permutations
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    Which Programming Language Should I Start With?

    Python for general purposes Javascript and HTML for building websites.
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    learn Python books is probably the most practical one I've seen.
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    Programming vs Networking

    Learn a programming language, I recommend Python. Then build something that you'll actually want to use, let's say, a bot with it. Once you have the basics of the language down, just search Google or Stackoverflow if you don't know how to do something and hopefully someone has already done it...
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    First Language for Programming

    Second that!
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    Where can I buy Parler profiles?

    When did they come back? It's news to me.
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    Can Reddit Help with SEO?

    I had a mini app go viral on Reddit which ended up helping it get ranked.. although I had only submitted it once to Reddit but other reddit users posted it to several other subs and I ended up getting several hundred visitors a days for several weeks though the traffic died down now.
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    best FREE bootcamp coding programs

    Yep, FreeCodeCamp is your best bet but you'll need a ton of self discipline to go through it on your own as opposed to using a paid program.
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    Is there a VPS Provider that also comes with Databases?

    Yep, I use Django on my digitalocean instance.. works like a charm and theoretically, it should work even with their cheapest instance.
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    Growing Twitter with white hat, any ideas?

    I look at ppl already following me then go thru their followers and follow them, preferably ppl that seem targetted towards your niche rather than everyone blindly. Usually when they get notification that you followed them, there will be a little tidbit that someone you follow also follows you...
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    How should I get started if I want to learn browser automation? That's where I'll start to learn the basics. After you master the basics, I'd just search stackoverflow for anything specific you want to do and hopefully someone has already done it before and you'll probably have the knowledge to re-engineer...
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    Difficulties as an SEO Beginner

    Once you know the lucrative keywords, actually building content that ppl will like and rank for those keywords. Maybe I have it backwards because most of the things I'm really passionate about don't rank very well and it'll be impossible to make money targetting those topics.
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    Easiest/Best programming language to learn?

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    How to generate passive income from Artificial Intelligence?

    I think there's no easy and fast way otherwise everyone will be doing it till the method no longer works due to saturation. Instead, you'll need to find some method that works for you manually then use AI to automate it.