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  1. QRD

    So I tried scamming for fun

    Yeah, I would rather live poor than scam people.
  2. QRD

    YouTube to begin putting ads on non-monetized channels but won’t pay creators

    Thats possible when there is no competitor, neverless it is a bitch move, if they do that to my demonetized channel I'll delete everything.
  3. QRD

    [Journey] Building a gaming brand (Website + YouTube)

    Update 2 - week 9th to 15th of November '20 Published the 1700 word article, so I have 1 article now. Still have the 2500 word ubpublished; Drafter a 1800 article that needs some minor tweaks; Drafted 1000 words from what I believe to be over 3000 word article; researched a little bit about...
  4. QRD

    [Journey] Building a gaming brand (Website + YouTube)

    Update 1 - week 1st to 8th of November '20 Drafted a 2500 word article; Drafted a 1700 word article; Published an about me page, have to redo it sometime but it's a start. To do: secure my site better; modify and publish the drafted articles; publish more.
  5. QRD

    [Journey] Building a gaming brand (Website + YouTube)

    Backstory I was a rather successful blackhat CPA in late 2014, early 2015 with YouTube and SEO (quantity over quality), after a couple of months my website got Google Penalty (manual action). Restarted with another blog and in 2 weeks the new one also got manual action penalty. I was...
  6. QRD

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    Hey Shaun, in your latest Income Report you said you use Cloudways for a project, how do you find them so far and for how long do you use them? I am asking because I plan to use their services like right now and I find the online reviews a little weird, a lot of positive with couple of words and...
  7. QRD

    Youtube strike - how it affect scheduled videos?

    Back in 2015 it was fine, you would get ur video up. I don't know today, but you may want to change the date to a closer one to test it out or just wait up. Also, always back-up ur videos. From what I remember, if you get your account terminated, aka when you login appears a red bar saying your...
  8. QRD

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    Hey Shaun, sorry if you mentioned this before but I can't recall. For your Amazon blogs, do you make a couple of informational posts at first and then the affiliate ones? Do you think it has an influence if I do like 10 Informational and then started publishing affiliate posts? I am afraid of a...
  9. QRD

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    Hey Shaun. Are you approaching your new domain as a niche - informational or just a multi-niche domain. I ask this because I have something similar and I struggle with finding article ideas specific to my niche, I find it easier to make a all kinds of informationals.
  10. QRD

    URL redirection tool based on country

    I used years ago
  11. QRD

    Alternative to YouTube monetization? Something like ads

    It still needs to be approved for monetization, look at what Freedom says
  12. QRD

    Alternative to YouTube monetization? Something like ads

    Hey, I have a YouTube channel with around 200 videos that are good, my own content, but i can't monetize it as it's considered repetitive content / spam by adsense. I want to upload them on my own blog (they are unique) and use ads just like in youtube, in-video ads. Can you recommend me a...
  13. QRD

    What's the most you've been scammed on the web?

    About 15€ in CSGO keys couple years ago
  14. QRD

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    Hey Shaun, about YouTube Channel, you are approaching the partnership quota, do you have any plans for that aswell? Also, would you mind sharing your average watchtime %, because mine is about 25% (4:40 minutes) in gaming niche and I'm curios about vlogs
  15. QRD

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    Hey Shaun, first I'd like to say that you are truly an inspiration and seem a very down to earth guy. I do have a question, what do you recommend filling the sidebar with? I have 1xTrending Posts limited to 5 posts, 1xEmail List and thats it. I know search bar is pointless and having a Latest...
  16. QRD

    [Journey] Blogging based on Income School (Project 24) Philosophy

    Hello Ron, I congratulate you for your online and offline success, you are really a guy to look up to. After reading and taking notes, I have a personal question. I have a multiniche - authority-to-be new site (so no traffic) that I am posting how-to's but I also have an ideea for a smallish...
  17. QRD

    Authority/Multiniche or Small niche related

    First of all I am sorry if I didn't post in the right category but this one seemed right for my question. I have several ideas and keywords for an informational and affiliate website, I am also not new to the SEO game but I did take a loong 4 years break when a lot happened. I havea lot of...
  18. QRD

    SEO Journey to 500€/mo

    Hey and good luck. Do you have some tips about how to find good expired domains? I got burned a couple of times with spam backlinks.
  19. QRD

    Niche Site Case Study ($1000 a month target) Adsense + Amazon Affiliate

    Congrats for your traffic in a short amount of time. If I may ask, how do you select an expired domain, I only get burned (find weird backlinks) when buying those In your opinion, is a low DA, low backlinck expired better than a fresh one?
  20. QRD

    journey at 5k / month on the way already advanced

    Hey, I do not work with adult tube but I'd like to know how are you driving traffic.