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  1. SurZodoY

    What would you do if you had 30K usd to invest ?

    If the money is from a legal business I won which means the money flow is still working? I would close my ears and invest in nft
  2. SurZodoY

    YES, YES, YES - You should buy Jr.VIP RIGHT NOW

    I am with bhw since the beginning of my IM journey but I wasn't actually in it as it gives a newbie a lot of options and ways to try. I think which is not very suitable for a newbie if they are already struggling to choose. If you are already chosen your favorite and want to improve your...
  3. SurZodoY

    What is the best tool of Black hat?

  4. SurZodoY

    $10,000/Month With Authority site and product selling

    Although it doesn't seems like a newbie friendly but can work for few all the best to you
  5. SurZodoY

    Amazon Verified Review Service for USA/UK Marketplace with 30 Days Warrenty

    I need your service, pm me please
  6. SurZodoY

    [METHOD] Get Human-like Text To Speech Voices

    Thanks for sharing and all the replies also held valuable info about the use of it
  7. SurZodoY

    Movie Streaming Journey - Complete Costing from Setup

    It's really interesting I wish I would know what you meant. Wish your success, you deserve that.