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  1. Jyeshtha

    Guide: This is how you really make $100 profit with affiliate marketing (with paid ads)

    Still, doing $100 per day? I mean, have you started seeing any $200+ days?
  2. Jyeshtha

    ✅[New Method] ❇️$350 Threshold AdWords (Google Ads) Active Accounts For Sale ✅Demo Campaign with Click and Impressions

    Is this a method or, are you selling the accounts? Either way, I am interested in the discount.
  3. Jyeshtha

    [Journey] Make 10k in 2023 with Quora and Affiliate Marketing.

    300 is nothing if you're planning for a recurring income. You need to keep growing, as it keeps reducing, as you have already experienced it. Segregate the lists and keep testing and growing them.
  4. Jyeshtha

    [Journey] Make 10k in 2023 with Quora and Affiliate Marketing.

    Dude, it's not even 10 days since the year started. It's just 2 sales per day on average to reach the goal. Why not build an email list and upsell other products? It's easy to sell to your list, as you already know they are potential buyers.
  5. Jyeshtha

    [GET] INSTANT Sales Via YT/TikTok/Instagram SHORTS

    Samples, please.
  6. Jyeshtha

    ☀️Make money online! A working method for the NEWBIES☀️

    I understand that one can complete a task unlimited times. When I see under the categories, the number shows many just in numbers, but when I click on a certain category with a certain number, I get to see "There are no jobs available at this time." I only get to see only one job available under...
  7. Jyeshtha

    ☀️Make money online! A working method for the NEWBIES☀️

    Just signed up with the username jyeshtha Seems there are no jobs available yet.
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    Lists of Newly Registered Domains (With Contact Info) for Sale

    Free sample. On an average what would be the count of the registrations per day?
  9. Jyeshtha

    [Giveaway] 300K eBook Packages

  10. Jyeshtha

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    One of the possibilities. Using multiple accounts to get an offer limit per account or using the same payment source to pay for using multiple accounts. Last year, during the same period around BFCM I had something similar. Cos, I don't think it's cos of hosting the things you have mentioned...
  11. Jyeshtha

    These solar panel affiliates really be paying out $900 per conversion

    Oh boy, you are back again silently and getting active. Nice to see you man.
  12. Jyeshtha

    High-Quality USA Edu email at a reasonable Price

    I got a free review for the edu email. Was able to log in without any issues and played around a bit to see how things work and overall, things are working well. Will try to take advantage of other services and see how it goes.