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    ░▒▓█►─═ 0-Penny's Facebook, Google & Tiktok Ad Management |eCom, Crypto, Gambling, Cannabis etc. | Creatives, Accounts, Payment Method Included═─◄█▓▒░

    Thanks for the response, interested to explore the concierge service more. A few ques: -Concierge service means you will help to get new ad acc when banned as well? -5k budget is per month? -From 448 for 5k budget, any additional % ad spend fee?
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    [JV] Looking for gambling skin/network/agent in Taiwan/Indonesia + my proven marketing skills in gambling

    hi you want to work on a profit share model with casino owners?
  3. alexlee03

    Gambling ads

    do you mean push notifcation ads? any example?
  4. alexlee03

    Gambling ads

    hi you run the ads for clients? i am open to chat.
  5. alexlee03

    [JV] My cloaker + your crypto/gambling ads

    hi you mean you would provide a cloaker? and you need a partner with gambling business?
  6. alexlee03


    hi can you pm your telegram link? since there are scammers I want to make sure.
  7. alexlee03

    Anonymous and Reloadable Virtual Cards for Facebook Ads - VCC

    Interested, any minimum reload amount?
  8. alexlee03

    Old Google Ads and Facebook BM accounts Store with history and ad spend

    Hi im interested, can you dm me?
  9. alexlee03

    Online Casino Ads [Discussion]

    For no 1, even driving to a landing page first still gets banned?
  10. alexlee03

    Gambling ads

    hi can you list them here?
  11. alexlee03

    SMM Panel, Child Panel, Resellers. What's the difference?

    Hi guys, ive went through almost all the threads I could find regarding smm panels and I'm getting lost. I used to run this business with a partner in the past, he managed all the dev work and I did the marketing. Now I want to restart this on my own but I'm getting lost with the terminologies...
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    Journey to be a SMM retailer with small investment

    thats cool, could you PM me instead as I'm still a new profile:weep:
  13. alexlee03

    Journey to be a SMM retailer with small investment

    hey ive started this business in the past that worked well and encountered the same issue as you, unreliable panels. It was pretty profitable until I started getting alot of chargebacks since the followers drop and i was using paypal. Im thinking of restarting it, what payment processor do you...
  14. alexlee03

    Hello BHW - Here for Youtube and SMM Tips

    Hello BHW, Ive been here since 2015 reading but just recently decided to create an account. Topics of interest at the moment are growth hacking youtube - is it possible to buy my views/subs to hit monetization criteria? Is SMM panels still good or are they all dying from drop? Love to hear...