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  1. UddiGamer

    More "friendly" search engine (no captchas, no "are you a bot?")

    Just deploy your own search engine with SearXNG: You can keep it private or make it public. It's very easy to deploy with Docker. Check out their documentation. You can do a lot of things with it.
  2. UddiGamer

    Do this instead of blogging in 2023

    Well, that's right, it's very hard to be successful with a SASS without having a team or a good starting budget. Yeah, some people have done it, but now the market seems to be more saturated. But I liked the idea of your tool being a desktop app on Windows or Mac, where we can use our own API...
  3. UddiGamer

    Do this instead of blogging in 2023

    Yea you're right. Btw are you working on an app on windows that will generate text using gpt 3?
  4. UddiGamer

    How the heck do these website have google ads running on them?

    These are tools websites google officially says on their blog that these websites are good for adsense see here:
  5. UddiGamer

    Goodbye Blogging!

    Well I'm not saying him to do it. I'm just giving him motivation to keep doing his work. I'm trying to say that if spammy AI websites can earn, he can too with his quality website. That means he doesn't need to quit.
  6. UddiGamer

    AdSense Arbitrage with Taboola

    I have been thinking of the same for quite sometime now. I am planning to do it soon. Thinking of starting with less money and scale it later if the profit is good. Well with Arbitrage the content needs to be viral or more interesting. What's your plan for researching and getting content? For me...
  7. UddiGamer

    Goodbye Blogging!

    Don't loose hope. If google does that to your quality website, then spam it with AI, you may have seen a lot of journeys they are gaining a lot of traffic just posting AI content and spamming google. Idk why but google likes spam websites more. Keep on trying. Try Display Ads if organic is not...
  8. UddiGamer

    Recommended Wordpress Theme for a Niche Site

    I use blocksy for almost all of my websites
  9. UddiGamer AI Writing Tools & Text Content Generation API

    Free trial please. How can I generate news articles and articles with a lot of subheadings?
  10. UddiGamer

    jasper alternative

    That would be great. If I can use my own Open AI API. It would be affordable too. :)
  11. UddiGamer

    Earn Passive Income With Automated News Website ★ 50% OFF ★

    Can I get a sample of the quality of the content after spinning?
  12. UddiGamer

    Yet Another Ezoic Intergration Thread (YAEIT)

    Try using flyingpress wordpress plugin for caching.
  13. UddiGamer

    [BlogPro AMA] 1500 Posts - Ask about PAA Sites / Data Enriched Sites / Job Boards / Scraping / AI / ML - Go Ahead!

    I have started doing something similar recently. But instead of fully automating my content with AI and posting it directly, I manually proofread it and correct any errors. I don't post more than 8 posts a day currently.
  14. UddiGamer

    So , which are the better article spinners these days?

    All spinners are just crap and produces meaning less content by replacing words with their synonyms. I find GPT 3 can spin or rewrite content very well. Also for your needs there's nothing better than Word AI, it's has the most natural sounding spinning, that's human readable. Also Word AI...
  15. UddiGamer

    I got this AI writer and I guess I'm gonna settle

    You can just make your own GPT 3 tool using Bubble(dot)io and the GPT 3 API. It's no code and is easy to make. There are a few guides on YouTube. You can choose the free plan on Bubble if you use it only for your personal use. It will be way cheaper for you than any other tool.
  16. UddiGamer

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Yeah, I just got an email from Code Canyon. You're great!
  17. UddiGamer

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Can you please add the other new languages that are available on Google translate?
  18. UddiGamer

    My News-Websites journey to 100.000 visitors per day in 12-14 months. Buckle up!

    Yea, you're right. Word AI seems to be the best in the market for rewriting stuff. The Google double translation can't match Word AI. I have tried spin rewriter, but it's nowhere near human-like quality. But only Quillbot and Word AI are the ones to have human-like qualities.
  19. UddiGamer

    My News-Websites journey to 100.000 visitors per day in 12-14 months. Buckle up!

    I have been trying to build news websites for like 2 years now. Not a lot of success. But looking at your strategy, I want to follow it too. I have plans for the process. But I just have my doubts about the spinning process. I don't want to invest much money at first, so I will start with less...
  20. UddiGamer

    Auto News Site AdSense Approved

    At first, I used Adstera. But after my posts started ranking, I applied for adsense and got approval, and have used adsense since.