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    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED: Getting kicked out...

    Never start internet marketing in desperation. If you are working in a job, continue with that job, if not, then look for a job. We all have gone through some or the other challenges in life. Some or the other challenges will keep coming. Stay strong, remain motivated and keep moving forward.
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    Best way to make money 2023?

    Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online in 2023.
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    How To Bribe Reddit Mods?

    Bride Reddit mods ? Do not end up losing money to a conman such as Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who pulled off a series of frauds, impersonating high-rank officials.
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    Affiliate marketing

    YouTube, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, etc), however even for these, in most cases a domain + website would be needed nowadays.
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    What i can do with small amount of crypto

    More money with US$0.50 in crypto ? Try this.
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    Ask Me Anything about Google Ads (AdWords) 2023

    Example, a Mr.A is promoting a Clickbank product ABCD in Google Ads. Product ABCD's Clickbank offers' T&Cs mention that advertisers must not bid on brand ABCD keywords in any paid ads. Product ABCD is a vaccum cleaner. So, what Mr.A does is he bids on keywords vaccum cleaner, vaccum cleaner...
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    General Discussion , What would be future of Search Traffic?

    If Google moves more of it's search into chatbot Google Bard, then Google will integrate paid ads (Google Ads) also into it, in some way. Yes, Google Bard is an AI chatbot appearing withing Google search, but it is no doubt (and good news) that Google will integrate paid ads (Google Ads) also...
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    Do you have any conspiracy theories?

    Bitcoin transactions are reversible :eek: (By the way, I've read that by a member at BHW also, and it (was) is not in the lounge section). Just imagine if Bitcoin transactions are indeed reversible, we all would be making trillions of (US) dollars a day :(
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    Tell me about Google Business postcards and video bypasses

    From your threads title, about the GMB postcards part, this may be helpful for you. Though this is a HAF, but that information may give you some additional insight about the postcards part, IF INCASE in any GMB account, you see more options than just sending the postcard (such as email/phone).
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    $10 per day

    I do not use it for doing tasks, only for getting some tasks done there. The US$5 to US$10 is a ballpark figure for doing tasks at such microtask websites.
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    Advice on doing an analysis for a PPC campaign

    For that you will have to start with the respective Google Ads' campaign's search terms report. To identify poor-performing keywords, see Improve your keywords for the Search Network. AND, you will have to analyse the website / landing page trackings that you have incorporated (if any). For this...
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    How worried are you about your SEO job and or your niche sites with the rise of AI?

    I am not an SEO person, I am not even much of an AI user. Nonetheless, I do have knowledge of how SEO works and the strategies mostly used for SEO. I am also aware of AI being used for various purposes. As far as SEO goes, why should an SEO person be worried about the rise of AI ? Search Engine...
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    Websites like Fiverr?

    One effective way is to have a website dedicated to your service(s) and advertise that website in Facebook or Google or Reddit or Twitter or LinkedIn, etc based on your target audience (your targeted potential buyers). Facebook is good if your service(s) cater to an older age group, LinkedIn is...
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    any recommendation of a webhosting that accept bitcoin?

    Namecheap accepts crypto (atleast Bitcoin).
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    Advice on doing an analysis for a PPC campaign

    Use Google Keyword Planner (it is free). There are many other options too, such as keywordtool dot io, etc. Google Trends can also be used to know latest search trends pertaining to various niches. Irrespective of everything that you gather and correlate for a potential client, what would also...
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    How to link Visa payments to my website

    Many card payment processors will reject your application nowadays, if mention to them that you are going to receive payments for any type of SMM boosting services. Even if by any chance any card payment processor does accept you for receiving payments for any type of SMM boosting services, they...
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    Looking for some help

    On a digital marketing forum, you would probably not be looking for an expert lawyer licensed to practice law. Better use Google search and locate an expert lawyer licensed to practice law & one who is local to your jursdiction and consult with him or her directly. Be careful, any lawyer who...
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    Should We Always Try To Get The Email And Should We Use Multiple Email Adresses?

    For free (or indirectly free) ways for affiliate marketing, YouTube is quite suitable in terms of having a review type of YouTube channel, where you review products and services of various different niches. In that, it would be better and safer to have your own domain (website) with sub-domains...
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    Ask Me Anything about Google Ads (AdWords) 2023

    The answer to that could be a "Yes" and / or a "No". You need to provide further information as to what technique (tool, etc) you will use IN (WITHIN) the dedicated windows server for managing the Google Ads account and based on that it can OR even cannot not be a suitable option.