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    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    So calling other guys losers IS looser talk?
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    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    Bragging, ego.. It's all loser-talk! It's sad.
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    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    Looks like that a Romanian court has rejected Andrew Tate's appeal against his detention... He and his brother remain in custody.
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    Hello, I'm new here!

    Hi and welcome!
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    Do we really need to fine tuning GPT3?

    It's very easy actually. I was playing with fine-tuning GTP-3 model without any coding skills. Their official documentation is very good so anyone can start using their API in a matter of time. Nothing tricky, nothing hard...
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    [Python Script] Simple Paraphrasing Tool - Free

    Use YouTube to learn how to execute Python script from terminal...
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    Isn't Davinci 003- Amazing?

    It seems he was open for conversion not asking for help. AI is very complex. Do you really believe that you can build an AI app with the help of online forums? I would say no.
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    jasper VS sensit?

    LoL, you have been caught lying many times... What a shame!
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    Does rankerx still work for you?

    LOL, we are in 2022..
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    Rankerx and Article Forge Dilemma

    I would not use these tools..
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    Will you Date Someone for Money??

    Probably not. I would not like to hang with that person.
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    Weird behavior of Google

    This piece of content will give you a result if you type it in the G search bar. Right? Well, not in my case! "The most important aspect of your website is that it’s able to answer your readers’ questions accurately and succinctly. It should include commonly asked queries as well as detailed...
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    Weird behavior of Google

    Hi... I'm facing the very weird behavior of Google. I have a blog with more than 300 posts with articles and reviews. The blog rank pretty very, but a few days ago I realized that a lot of the posts are indexed by Google but the content is not found when I type part of the blog post into the...