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  1. Starblazer

    Hey Lester here

    Welcome to BHW and good luck.
  2. Starblazer

    VLC media player banned in India
  3. Starblazer

    VLC media player banned in India

    Banned on suspicion of Chinese surveillance. You can still download it using VPN.
  4. Starblazer

    Google is now pulling price comparison into the SERP listing

    So, this is what Google is doing instead of indexing my site :suspicious:
  5. Starblazer

    ✅ It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something...

    It takes 10,000 spam backlinks to become an expert in SEO :anyway:
  6. Starblazer

    Jon Snow was right - These Crows ain’t loyal. Attacked by a crow

    One crow attacked me when I was a kid (around 10). Later, I read somewhere that they can remember our faces even if we stood among thousands of people. I guess it's a revenge for something you did to that crow or its family. You should be careful as it can attack you again.
  7. Starblazer

    ▶️ This toothbrush, that's right, TOOTHBRUSH, claims to have "AI" capabilities

    Dear A.I., Please take over the world. Regards, Starblazer, President, Blackhat marketers association.
  8. Starblazer

    ✅ QUICK Animal FAST: If you Stacked every Elephant in the whole World on top of each other, they WOULDN'T Like it! ❌❌

    I scrolled to the bottom of the pic and thought something happened to my eyes :confused:
  9. Starblazer

    ✅ Durex just won Marketing

    I make a balloon with the condom and carry it with me. I don't need to request anyone for social distancing. Moreover, people here see me as if I'm a celebrity.
  10. Starblazer

    I HAVE FOUND A NEW LAWYER - "Just Because You Did it Doesn't mean You are Guilty"

    Just because he studied Law Doesn't mean he is a lawyer.
  11. Starblazer

    ✋ ‍‍☂️ From 0 to 40k Traffic within a Fu**ing month ✔️ Fully Automated Site.

    54 RD & 42k backlinks is suspicious. This might be due to do-follow header banners or footer links on huge sites. The site is also targeting Italian visitors, which reduces competition to a great extent. If I'm not wrong, the site owner made an Italian PAA site similar to a ton of English sites...
  12. Starblazer

    [SUGGESTION] Ban fish threads from showing up in the newsletter

    You should've suggested to ban fish from showing up in the forum. Missed opportunity :anyway:
  13. Starblazer

    This video is gonna go viral - 23% CTR

    Is it related to some trending news/product or generic stuff?
  14. Starblazer

    I can't stand this anymore

    this is the reason I don't encourage freebies/giveaways in fish out of water niche :D
  15. Starblazer

    Did you know this crazy fact? (Mindblowing)

    Nothing on this planet is immortal. If you inform Google, they'll kill the entire species with their next algo update :D
  16. Starblazer

    ✅ I canceled my Job interview today, just so I could Follow this Guy around

    If Netflix rejects it, he can upload it to cornhub with a clickbait title :anyway:
  17. Starblazer

    OpenAI GPT-3 has trolled me

    The last line would be... Musk: I'm returning to the Earth. Good bye.
  18. Starblazer

    ✅ I canceled my Job interview today, just so I could Follow this Guy around

    he is probably recording you so that he can sell the video to Netflix :D
  19. Starblazer

    The BHW Guru starter pack

    every guru:
  20. Starblazer

    Not a fan of candy but this is pretty alarming

    candy? seriously?? I was expecting NSFW thread. disappointed :weep: