[100% FREE] 10 Killer SEO Tools, $3000 Worth Of Software. Find Expired Domains, Run Broken Link Campaigns, Fix SEO Problems On Your Webs...

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Jun 30, 2014
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How would you like 10 awesome and 100% free full version SEO/Internet marketing tools?

In an effort you increase interest in my guest posting platform I'm releasing 10 new free software tools on it.

This software used to make me thousands of dollars a month in sales before I moved onto bigger projects.

All software comes with training and demo videos.

Here is a quick overview of the software I'm now releasing for free.

#1 Keyword Finder
Keyword Finder is a desktop application that will mine keywords from Google search's auto suggest feature.
It will allow you to mine thousands of long tail low competition variations of your main keywords.


#2 SEO Checker
SEO Checker is a desktop application that will scan your website for common SEO issues and help you rank higher on Google.
Missing H1 tags, duplicate title tags, missing alt tags are just some of the 30 checks this application can perform.


#3 Website Plagiarism Checker
Website Plagiarism Checker is a desktop application that will check if any other website online is using your websites content.
It does this by downloading every webpage on your website and then using Bing to find websites that might be using your content without your consent.

#4 Expired Domain Finder
Expired Domain Finder is a desktop application that will crawl websites looking for expired domains with backlinks you can use to help boost your SEO efforts and rank your websites. You can search websites for expired domains from a list of websites you enter into the application. From a list of niche related search terms and crawl the websites returned from Google. Or just endlessly crawl from one website to the next looking for expired domains.


#5 Broken Backlink Finder
Broken Backlink Finder is a desktop application that will crawl websites looking for broken outbound links you can use in a broken link building campaign. You can search websites for broken outbound links from a list of websites you enter into the application or from a list of niche related search terms and crawl the websites returned from Google.


#6 Website Finder
Website Finder is a desktop application that will search the internet for websites that match your search criteria. Such as a certain section of HTML on the homepage, Wordpress blogs, specific HTML meta data, HTTP response codes and much more. You can search a list of websites. You can search the results that come back from search engines for your own keywords. Or you can just tell the application to endlessly search the internet for matching domains.


#7 Proxy Checker
Proxy Checker is a desktop application that will check the health of your private or public proxies. You can check not just the response times but create specific checks for certain HTTP response codes from websites and many other types of proxy checks.


#8 Email Scraper
Email Scraper is a desktop application that will scrape valid email addresses from a list of entered websites or from websites returned from Bing for your niche related search terms.


#9 External Domain Extractor
External Domain Extractor is a desktop application that will crawl websites extracting all their outbound links/domains. This is useful if you want to generate a list of niche related websites to market your product to by for example running the software on a body building forum to find body building related websites.


#10 Outbound Link Checker
Outbound Link Checker is a desktop application that will check the outbound links on every page of your website to see if they are low quality, spammy or malicous websites. Over time the websites you link to expire and are often repurposed or perhaps you have blog comments on and want to check if any of the websites you're linking to are malicious or spammy. Send the right signals to Google by only linking to quality websites.


Please comment below to show your interest and I'll PM you a link to instantly download the free full software with no catches.

Please keep all questions and comments on this thread to help all users :)

Refund policy: N/A software is free

Contact: [email protected]



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