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Jun 30, 2014
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RocketGuestPosting.com is releasing a 100% free tool to help webmasters filter out the low quality guest posters and streamline the process of allowing guest posting on your website.

This is a guest post request web form you link to from your website and it allows you to create a highly configurable form with options such as

  1. The guest posters pitch - The basics!
  2. Their area(s) of expertise - By knowing what areas they are knowledgeable about you can put them to good use on your blog
  3. Past guest posts on other websites - Check out their previous work to see if they are time wasters or will add value to your blog
  4. Their budget for the guest post - Know straight away if this is just another "Dear sir we give best unique article" pitch or a genuine blogger
  5. The website the guest poster would like a backlink to - Know straight away if the backlink they want is to a spammy website you should not be linking to!
  6. The anchor text of the requested backlink - Known straight away if they want a natural looking brand link or a "best cheap nike for under $100" spammy exact anchor backlink
  7. Force the guest poster to acknowledge your guest posting guidelines - We all know how annoying it is when guest posters don't read the guidelines!

When the guest post request form is submitted and you're emailed with its contents it will even tell you which country they are in which can be great for negotiating prices.

For example you'll know if they are US based or third world country.

Collecting all this information upfront can save you huge amounts of time.

Here is some screenshots of the form and its configuration options.





The system comes with a walk through video that includes a set up guide and explains in more detail why you might want to use it.

Here is a demo link for the website AmzLinkChecker.com

Guest posting page:

Guest posting link used on website: https://rocketguestposting.com/guest-poster-management/filter-tool-submit-guest-post#amzlinkchecker.com

If you're interested in this free tool please comment below.

Contact: [email protected]
Refund policy: No refunds because its free


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