3 Essential Tips That Can Change Your Perception About Black Hat SEO


Dec 3, 2014
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Desperate situations call for desperate remedies, right?

Well, it can be quite agonizing to see your business website tumbling down in the search engine results. This is why this situation triggers off your desperation.

At that very moment, it is understandable that all you want is to get the site’s search engine ranking back.

The easy solution is Black hat SEO.

The Truth Behind Black Hat SEO
The black hat SEO puts aggressive SEO techniques to use. These techniques only focus on search engines and ignore the human perspective.

Black hat SEO ignores the standard search engine guidelines as well. It is fine if you are exploring this for learning perspective.

It is not recommended to become habitual regarding the use of this technique.

Things to Remember When Using Black Hat SEO

Getting High Ranking

You can try out blending link building a popular black hat search engine optimization technique to get high rankings.

What happens here is that you reference your site along with other authority websites. This is why the search engine treats your site the same way it treats the authority sites.

Well, this way you get higher rankings

Reach out to editors and webmasters to reference your content in their individual piece. To get the inclusion, you may highlight the advantages of referencing your specific content.

Make Use of Link Wheels
Well, the link wheels are also a popular black hat technique.

This technique helps in increasing the strength of the links. This is why it becomes possible for you to propel your website higher in the search engine results.

To make this technique work for you, try building your links using the reputed resources. This means that you have to let go off free blogging sites.

Build links with real sites with whom you have an established relationship.

Going for Contact Scraping
The contact scraping is regarded as a bad practice.

However, the interesting part is that it is a common practice to get essential information from the web. This is why you can try it out as well without feeling guilty.

There is a popular quote that says that “In Rome, you do as the Romans do.” Most people do not acknowledge the fact that they opt for contact scrapping but in reality, they do.

By now I have aroused your curiosity enough, right?

Let us get to how this scraping technique can help you.

When scrapping, you make use of apps like Scrapebox. These apps dig down into the web to find essential information from the webmaster details. This information can be content or keywords as well.

These apps use this information for sending gibberish comments or automated link requests.

Now here I will like to highlight that you can use this information positively as well. For example, you can use the webmaster’s contacts for building connections rather than sending spam messages.

Try out these tips, and they will surely help to uplift your search engine rankings.