Advice needed: What to do with a 5 year old blog that has flatlined?


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Oct 26, 2022
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Hello fellow marketers,I'm a blogger with mid-range level of experience. just really needing some guidance on what direction to go in with a website that is 5+ years old (registered in 2016) that is, in a nutshell, making no progress in growth,, audience engagement, you name it. My video channel view counts are horrendous, and I've only got 4 email subscribers in the past two weeks.

I've had it audited in the past and I have followed the advice I was given, tweaking some of the layout, images, SEO, etc.

The only thing I can think of is that when I began this blog I kind of started with the more general niche of arts/crafts, but as time went by I wondered if that wasn't a mistake and too broad so I narrowed it down, starting last year, and just focused it on "acrylic painting" As other bloggers have told me, "Go an inch wide and a mile deep"

Yes, I did delete some of the posts that no longer fit the small new niche, but I made sure to direct them to a 410 page so I wouldn't have a bad UX or a bunch of errors.

I thought having a more narrow niche would improve matters, but still, it has not changed things one iota. I'm thinking seriously about selling the site as I've been feeling too burned out lately to think of anything more I can do with it.

I don't know if I've done the most damage with my niche, or something else is seriously amiss.

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Thank you in advance for any tips you can offer.