Authority/Multiniche or Small niche related


Jan 3, 2019
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First of all I am sorry if I didn't post in the right category but this one seemed right for my question.

I have several ideas and keywords for an informational and affiliate website, I am also not new to the SEO game but I did take a loong 4 years break when a lot happened.

I havea lot of researched keywords and I am willing to start working but I don't know how to structure it, given the google EAT update that scares me a lot, should I do a smallish website about how-to's and buyer guides in a small hardware/electrical field where I have experience (but not a degree or school-knowledge) or incorporate all in the big multi-niche authority DYI website that I am building?

TL;DR: Should I make a dedicated website for a small niche or incorporate that small niche in a bigger and diverse website that I am building (something like instructables or thespruce do).

1. I think having dedicated sistes for small niches will be more spot-on but also smaller and less brandable;
2. Even though I will do everything Whitehat, don't keep all your eggs in one basket right.