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Jun 14, 2010
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Hello all,
I would like to know expert opinion on backlinking strategy. Recently I have started working on a project to try my luck on SEO. I have gone through tremendous information available on BHW. Only confusion I have is regarding manual backlinking.

Now I have a niche domain name. I am writing articles related to the domain. I have written multiple articles around multiple keywords of the niche.

My question is, I want to rank all these keywords. So should I put backlinking to each page or backlinking main domain will serve the purpose to rank the keywords I am targeting?

I hope my question is clear.


Oct 28, 2020
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if your niche and keywords are easy you will rank without backlinks, based off your website's topical relevance and your domain's authority alone. But to get authority you will need backlinks, and if your goal is to increase your domain's overall authority so you can rank for easy keywords in the future then point the best backlinks to the homepage. Assuming that your site is well structured and the link juice can easily flow though the various pages it makes sense for the best links you can get to be pointed to your homepage instead of internal pages.

If you want to rank internal pages, but - more importantly - if the keywords you are targeting are not easy and your content and on-page SEO are not powerful enough to outrank your competition you might want to point your best backlinks to the internal pages of the keywords you wish to rank for.

So, you need to figure out how easy your keywords are and then you'll know where to point the backlinks to get the most value out of those links. If I were you, I would do these crucial steps first:

1. Plan out your site's structure properly because a well-structured site gets better value from backlinks than a poorly structured sites that leaks the link juice out to non-important pages (tag pages, author pages, etc.)

You will want your most important pages (those that you wish to rank for) to be reached in maximum 2-3 clicks from the homepage.

For example, if your site is in the pets niche and you want to rank for these 3 keywords: "best food for cats", "snake training tips" and "how to build a fish tank" you should plan your site's structure in such a way that the pages of these 3 keywords will be reached in maximum 3 clicks when people visit the homepage of your site. So, you would structure your site like this.... > Cats > Best Food For Cats > Snakes >Snake Training Tips > Fish >How to Build a Fish Tank

But this is a simplistic model, just to give an example of what I mean. In reality, if you're dealing with a lot of animals, you would obviously plan and categorize your site better, because you'd have many types of sub-niches like pet foods, pet toys, training tips for each animal separately, pet habitats, etc. So, you would plan these things carefully so that when you get a powerful and relevant backlink to your homepage the authority of that backlink will flow down to your important sub-pages so that, whenever you target an easy keyword in the future, that keyword would rank straight on page 1 or 2 as soon as it's indexed, based off your domain's strength (authority) alone.

2. After the site is well structured and the articles published, you need to index them. No index, no rankings, as simple as that! And once you have them indexed you will see where they rank and what you need to do to improve your rankings.

Depending on the niche you're in (some niches are easier than others) and depending on the difficulty of your keywords you might only need to get a few internal links to those keywords, with an exact or partial match anchor text, or you might just need to optimize your content properly, or you might need a few good backlinks.

Just make sure to have the articles indexed first and see where they rank, then analyze your competition for those keywords, see if you can outrank them with the quality and optimization of your content alone and if not, get some PBN / guest posting backlinks, but make sure they're quality ones, or else you'll waste money.


Oct 31, 2021
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You should have mix of both. Links to own domain will make the site an authority.