Best and cheap client portal for VPS Proxy website?


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Jan 31, 2019
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Hi, I have a website where I sell VPS and Proxy. I actually resell them. Like I add product and when I get a order I buy from the main Website and sell them on a higher price.

I have been doing these manually. I deliver order details on email.

I am using WordPress and WooCommerce.

Now the problem I am facing is clients are asking for admin access and a panel/dashboard where they can see their products, renew them cancel them.

I know WHMCS is a option for doing these.

But the thing is as I am reselling them, how can I maintain client dashboard with WHMCS?

Can I do things manually with WHMCS?

Like when I get an order, I will update details on that client dashboard. So they can see the VPS/IP details.

They will have the option for renew and cancellation.

I know getting an API from a VPS/IP provider is an option but do not want that as this will cost me lot.

And as I am giving several package so I may need API/reseller account from many companies which is impossible.

So give me suggestions please. What will be best for me to maintain my clients?