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Aug 31, 2013
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Welcome to the forum suggestions and feedback section.

The purpose of this section is to give you, the community, a place to voice your opinions, concerns, suggestions, and general feedback in regards to the forum.

Before you post in the Forum Suggestions and Feedback section, try checking out the Newbie Guide section first. The Newbie Guide section contains answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here in the feedback section. If you think something should be added to the Newbie Guide section, please post in our "Welcome To The Newbie Guide" thread. If someone has already made your suggestion, simply hit the like button on their post.


1. What Can I Post About In This Section?

Anything in regards to the current state of the forum or questions you may have about the forum after having checked the newbie guide section first.

Please keep in mind that complaints about specific staff members, volunteer moderators, specific members, and infractions are not permitted in this section.

2.Can I Have A Poll?
You may add a poll to your thread, although note that a popular option in a poll does not guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented.

3. Can I Choose Which Moderator Responds To My Query?

4. My Question Wasn't Answered, What Do I Do?
If a moderator misunderstood your query and locked the thread, send them a private message so that they can edit their response.

5. Why Was My Forum Suggestions & Feedback Thread Closed?
Threads are closed in this section when a thread has received an answer from a staff member. Threads can also be closed when the thread no longer results in a productive discussion or becomes abusive toward members or moderators.
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