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Jun 29, 2019
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Just received this from the Sacramento Library System. This applies to all California libraries. So, if you used the [Method] applied to get a free account for a few months it is coming to an end. Maybe other states still do it?

Goodbye free Lynda in California. Props to those Libraries for taking a stand. Read the full article here:

From Email:
'' no longer private

As a user, we regret to inform you that will no longer be available with your Sacramento Public Library card. The service will expire on Saturday, Aug. 31, due to concerns we have regarding your privacy.

For years, you were able to access the service with just your library card number and a PIN. Now that has been purchased by LinkedIn Learning, you have to provide additional detail and create a public social media profile. This goes against our privacy standards for patrons. As a result, we've decided to end our relationship with

We are providing two additional databases for you to continue your educational endeavors. Knowledge City and Gale Courses meet our privacy standards and will be available on Monday, Aug. 19.


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