[Giveaway]FREE 20 Google Plus 1s each to next 50 people who post on the thread!


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Feb 9, 2010
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Hi Friends,

Bhw is a great place to be in, I have learnt a lot from my fellow members and mentors here, What I feel great about bhw is that lots of people keep sharing awesome stuff for others !

I just wanted to give something back to the community, I provide google plus 1s service here, so I thought it would be a good idea to give back google plus 1s to members here :)

I would like to give 20 google plus 1s each to next 50 members who post on the thread!

I will drip feed these +1s to 10 per day and will start these on Monday :)

So, just post here that you would like to get FREE 20 google plus 1s, and pm me the url on which you would like to receive 20 FREE google plus 1s :)

Thanks once again to all the great people of bhw who helped me learn so much about IM !! And yeah, the journey is a never ending one.....