GoogleAds Gambling Niche


Apr 9, 2022
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Hey there, I'm new to GoogleAdWord. I want to promote my Gambling Niche website on GoogleAdWord, But ofcourse it won't be that easy since Google doesn't allow Gambling Niche Websites to be promoted.

Thus i want to share some of my observation on Gambling Niches website that i had seen on Google Search.

1. Most gambling niche webs are promoted using social link website such as linktree , heylink , etc.
2. They often use Picture instead of texts
3. There are none gambling related keyword inside the website, but there are pictures involving gambling niche games.
4. They link their pictures to the Money Site

Now there are few questions, Regarding the previous observation.
1. Why link to the money site without a proxy url, Doesn't Google detects outbound links and observe those links?
2. Google reviews cannot differentiate pictures, Because they allow Gambling Related Picture to be posted. Is it?
3. Does cloak matter nowadays that social link website can get promote without using such method?

Anyone with knowledge of GoogleAdWords willing to share their wisdom would be much appreciated! :)