[HELP] What niche is this?


Jun 25, 2011
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I do all the Search Engine Optimization work myself, I have license for sick submitter (it is awesome for the discounted price) I just need to know if this site would be considered an adult site which may make the Search Engine Optimization tactics a little different. And there is no nudity on my site at all, it is more of a teaser site.

So would I have to build backlinks on places like adult bookmarks, adult forums, etc? Or can I just do the normal seo like I do for my other niche sites like gossip, economy, fitness, etc in other non adult types of sites?

I couldn't post my site because I have not been a member here long enough so if you would like to see it please let me know where and how I may give the url to you.

Thanks in advance

edit: I also have skype if you can check out my site from there.

Please help me!!!
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