How can I bypass sni-based https filtering?


Jul 9, 2020
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From the side of the website owner, not the client.

South Korean government announced that they will censor internet by sni filtering.

According to korean law, every porn website will be blocked forever in korea.

Until now, we have bypassed censorship by connecting with the https protocol. But now it is useless.

There are ways to do things like using proxy, VPN, tor, but I do not think it's a fundamental solution, because they are applied to clients only, not server.
e.x) When my site appeared in the adult keyword in google search console, goverment blocked sni-based https filtering, after that users can't enter my site by clicking google search of my site, and my site drops.

some days ago, I found some competitor sites, which blocked by sni-based filtering, can be entered on google search result by clicking, but they can not be entered by inputing site url in brower.
It means there are some ways.

I need to bypass sni filtering from side of site owner - server.
Please help me.
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