How to monetize 30k+ Telegram Channel and 200+ daily Web visitors [Adult Content]


Aug 28, 2022
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Hi guys,

I create a TLG channel on December 2021 and I had been gaining good traffic. Lots of my posts are in popular webs (I know this cause I put a water mark on every img or video).

I can say that I have more than 300gb of content just in telegram and the interactions are very good. My subs are from latin america (85%), USA (10%), Europe (5%).

I tried monetize it with VIP membership but i made like $3.99 per 2 days, that's too much work for that amount. I also use shortcuts links for the webpage and sometimes I redirect the TLG subs to it but is not good money $10 every 3 weeks.

So... Will CPA work? Like Los Pollos? I was thinking on it but i really don't know.

Need your opinions. Thanks.