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Jul 30, 2021
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So, In short I lost my mobile and I uploaded the back up to my google drive of my WhatsApp last time in January, and now i just found my mobile and when i install the WhatsApp again after formating my phone (as it wasn't unlocking I forgot the pswrd of my mobile, so i formated my mobile) its not showing me my previous chats even though I uploaded the back up in January it's still not showing me any chats, and when i looked into my Google drive back ups there's also no back up for whatsapp, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? if i check whatsapp it tells me that i uploaded my back up in December but there are no back up in my drive.
So, I want to know how can i bring back my old chats they were very important to me.
And if I root my mobile will i be able to get the WhatsApp data as I've formated my mobile so is there any chance with rooting my phone?
Thanks alot!