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Oct 23, 2017
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Wow, it's been 2 years since I dropped this.
Alright, this journey became irrelevant for now, so yeah.
I was still getting sales during the past 2 years, never promoted anywhere. Just organic traffic.

Here are the stats:


1. Some of my redbubble listings got on page 1 of Google by keywords. Very specific tho, 0 competition. All of those designs were sold at least once.
2. Also, Google removed more than half of my Redbubble listings during past years. Don't know the reason. Bing still has most of them up.
3. All of the marketplaces I uploaded designs to, made at least one sale. Teespring surprised me really much.
4. DBH is a clear winner here, it was a bit surprising too.
5. 1st bunch of 9 designs made most of the profit. All of them were just traced images with text. As for the pure text designs... Were sold just once - a sticker for 1.5$.
6. I received all the earnings above without any problems from all of the marketplaces.
7. I still couldn't get into Amazon Merch.

Conclusion: Proof of the concept received. Yep, it works and is worth scaling.

I've dropped it bc of IRL issues, and now won't continue with this method, bc I have smth else in my mind.
After I get proof of concept for my latest idea, I'll start another journey. Well, it is POD-related too tho.
That's it.
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