[JV] - My HQ Softwares + Your Marketing Skills in multiple Languages


Nov 22, 2018
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I was debating with myself whether to hire the services of a translator and do global marketing myself but I came to the conclusion that it is not enough just to translate, it is better to give up a certain percentage of my earnings from the software sales, to provide my clients with better purchasing experience and better technical support. one needs to understand the language and mentality of the people in each country is different from each other.

i am currently collaborating with one blue Jr.VIP who will market and sell the software in the forum and i am looking for resellers who can sell and market the software with a different name and a different design "their own white label" outside the forum.

I am currently marketing in english and selling the software on a website with auto purchase and receipt of the software and the serial are done automatically, and looking to increase the market share of the software in the niche of telegram marketing with the help of additional white label resellers, higher potential for those who are able to market in additional languages parallel to to english (I can translate the software and add additional languages).


An advantage for those who have the ability to set up and build their own quality website or at least a landing page with an automated purchasing system that the customer will get a good purchasing experience, an advantage for website automation that a customer makes a purchase and getting a link to download the software and serial.
If I were the one to build a website for each reseller separately I would not have time to develop any more software.

Screenshot and editing capabilities.

I have marketing content and videos, but since you are getting white label software with a new name. It is mandatory for those who have the ability to take new screenshots and record new explanations about the software to be able to take photos and edit new instructional videos.

Must have advertising and marketing skills, more suitable for those who already have successful marketing projects.

Experience with telegram
There is currently no software on the market today that is of this high quality, the software in the niche of telegram marketing therefore requires understanding and experience in telegram marketing.

Ability to learn and understand the software (the reseller will give help and support to his customers) and this is one of the reasons that other language speakers are needed because I am not able to give support in other languages.

Contact me if you think you are suitable


Feb 8, 2021
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Hey, I'm interested in learning more, I speak 3 languages fluently. Please send me some contact information.