New to offline an migh need some advice


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Mar 11, 2022
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Hey guys
So i checked the competition on X country , and there is some money to be made (still behind in term of offline marketing ) , im already there and plaining to implement some method i saw here , this is what im gonna offer and few question along them if anyone can respond (appreciate that ) :
-Hosting (dahh)
-Flyers / cards ..(of course)
-SMS / Emailing (must have)
Few things that im thinking to do to increase my ROI ...
-Those google images (next to some dr / lawyer name) , you know that pic , is it easy to do ?
-G business verification (map/place) (is it world wide ) ? (they are just a pain now (for me at least) )
What i really want to do is :
Pic of a dr/lawyer/plumber (have stuff for that)... next to his name on google search (along with some services they offer ) (is that easy to rank for ?)
-His address / phone number and the whole nine yard ...
(So whenever he/she google her/his name they see that beautiful all in one work )
I Might be pushing , but anyone who can share a contract that will help me / and any other members to work on some offline stuff
I might make this a journal , you will be surprised of some countries that still need this kind of services (have guts? check Libya , my next stop , freaking rich people playing with money )
(Any advice is really appreciated (whatever it is) ) open for everything