Aug 26, 2018
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Hi there,

I recently decided to get into the mass email marketing game for the purpose of selling affiliate products and realized that I'm not well versed in the major email marketing concepts...I'm thinking of sending upwards of 10,000 (targeted, no spam traps) emails a day.

Can someone PLEASE explain the general idea here? Like, I've read online but don't really understand how to get up and started :( From what I understand, using a car and physical mail analogy....

SMTP --> This is used o create the actual mail (Gmail, MailChimp)
SES --> Like the mailman truck (Amazon WS or Sendgrid)
VPS --> The engine of the truck (Multiple online..)
Linux --> The metal used to make the truck??
Dedicated IP --> The road the delivery truck takes

How do I set this up?! Can someone please break this down because the one is still a little ambiguous for my understanding.


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Nov 13, 2018
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Hi, Not sure why you are diving deep into the technical side of email marketing, but here are my thoughts on getting started.

First you need a web host like digital ocean or hostgator. VPS(Virtual Private Server) is just fancy for a nice web host plan as opposed to shared server. Shared server is like an apartment as opposed to a VPS which is more like a condo or a house.

SMTP is a protocol that allows transferring email so you will need this. You need to set this up with your server that you purchase.

If you want to start mass emailing campaign, you will certainly need automation. This means that when certain people open/interact with the email you send, you will automatically send them a specific email. The alternative is you sitting there doing this manually for a huge number of emails. That's where mailchimp or aweber comes into play.

I suggest you purchase a hosting plan, build your site, and test out emails in order to get started. Hope it helps.