[Review] Blackhat Google AdSense Trick: How to Make Big Money From Adsense Without Increasing Traffic Much


May 5, 2018
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Today I am reviewing the Blackhat Google AdSense Trick: How to Make Big Money From Adsense Without Increasing Traffic Much.

This review is going to be short and straight to the point

Verdict : 4 /10



The book is composed of 4 short chapters and 4 bonuses.

First chapter: Google's Money Pot: A Spyglass on Google AdSense

In this chapter, op briefly explains what Adsense is and the benefit of using it on your website.

Second chapter: A Game of Text and Coins, The Secret Mechanism Which Determines Who Buys Your Ad Space From Google

In this chapter, he explains how the AdSense bidding system works; until now, nothing you can't find with a simple search on google.

Third chapter: Blackhat Adsense Trick: How to Make a Sh*t Ton of Money From Google Ad Sense Without Increasing Traffic Much

Here comes the most important part of this book, the method is simple and can be resumed in one sentence.Unfortunately, What is not mentioned in the sales thread is that you have to create or buy some accounts (i can't say more here), but these accounts are nearly impossible to create now, and no one in the marketplace is selling them ( trust me, I tried all the sellers).On top of that, you get 4 bonuses that could have been useful if the method was not outdated.

My Experience :
I got approved on AdSense and tried to apply the full method, but unfortunately, this book is missing the most important part.
Bottom line :
This method could have worked 2 years ago, but today, it's nearly impossible to execute half of it, so if op cannot provide a solution, I don't recommend buying it.
I understand that he is selling just a method and not guaranteeing any results, but I don't see the purpose of selling an outdated ebook for 63$.​


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Sep 20, 2015
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I figured out the method just by reading this review. I guess this has something to do with threshold Google Adwords accounts and then buying ad placement on your own website to earn money. But threshold accounts are almost impossible to create right now as Google changed the way they are offering the credits. In past you could spend free credits before you spent actual money but now it's the other way. Method might still be profitable but you'll have to send money first in ads and your profit is limited.

Thanks your reviewing threads! Really appreciate your efforts.