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Aug 31, 2013
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The booming popularity of cryptocurrencies has meant a surge in the number of new members interested in this topic, resulting in a need for section-specific rules. Below, you'll find rules stating content and activities that are prohibited in this section.

Cryptocurrency Section Rules

Do not use this section to promote your own coins or websites.

Self-promotion is prohibited throughout BHW. Anyone caught posting ads to promote their alt coins in this section will receive an infraction for spammed advertisements.

Keep discussions on a specific coin topic in a single thread

We don't need 8 different threads on "IOTA: The Coin of the Future".

Do not post frequent updates on coin valuation
Posting multiple times in a row every minute or hour falls under post count inflation (rule 3.5 in the TOS). Unless there's a 15%+ change in a coin's value, don't bump a thread about a coin's value more than once every 24 hours. Alternatively, linking to a website that keeps track of a coin's valuation (e.g., CoinMarketCap) is acceptable so long as it does not conflict with the first rule.

Do not start coin trading groups in this section
Rule 3.3 in the TOS prohibits currency exchanges. This includes trading altcoins for BTC, altcoins for legal tender, altcoins for fiat money, or vice versa.

Do not post threads on hypothetical scenarios
This includes "What would you do..." and "Would you rather..." type threads. This isn't Facebook or a schoolyard playground.

Tips & Additional Rules For Using This Subforum
  • Before asking where to buy a coin or what the best wallet is, read through the thread and search the forum before asking a question.
  • Keep the crypto threads in the crypto section. Black Hat World is more than just a crypto forum and not every member is interested in cryptocurrencies.
  • If you suspect a coin is a pump and dump, report the post or thread.
  • Do not link to other forums. Promoting other forums is prohibited (rule 3.3 in the TOS).
  • Please use the multi-quote feature to respond to multiple posts (instructions on how to use it here) and consolidate your posts instead of posting two or more times in a row.
These rules are subject to change at any time, so please check back occasionally.
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