The prediction of the legendary Crypto James on BOND comes true. We are waiting for $100 per token


Feb 1, 2022
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⚡️After BOND predictably bounced back an enchanting peak of 800% at the end of July, we can recall the forecast of Crypto James. James is famous for predicting Fantom FTM as the “best cryptocurrency of the year” when no one was talking about it. The price of the coin soon increased by 168 times, which gave a huge income to its owners.
⚡️In total, Crypto James guessed with 26 coins - too many to be a coincidence.

The BarnBridge cryptocurrency is currently worth around $7, but it has a potential of $100.

BarnBridge is a tokenized way to hedge market risk. It launched at $178 and is currently $11. It just goes to show that they overestimated him in the beginning, says Crypto James.

“What is interesting about the BarnBridge crypto project is that out of 6 million coins, 1.5 million are locked in their farms and pools. 25% is a really good number and it reduces the coin supply. Anyone familiar with the basics of economics understands that this always increases the price in the long run.” - Crypto James