Your Interview on Ultra High DA blogs (DA 50+,40+,30+) starting from $19.99 only,50% Review discount

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Feb 9, 2010
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  • Are you an Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Startup founder / Product creator / Influencer / Expert / Digital Artist / Filmmaker etc?
  • Are you looking to get interviewed ?
  • Do you want to get your Interview published on ultra High DA (Domain Authority) blogs?
Did you know that?

When you get interviewed, the article is in context to what you do and thus, the link that you receive is a Relevant / Contextual backlink.
A contextual backlink helps in improving Trust Flow and Citation Flow score.


Did you know that?

Getting backlinks from High Domain Authority blogs help in :

● Improving Off-site SEO score

● Improving Trust Flow score

● Transferring good link juice flow

● Enhancing SERP visibility


Did you know?

How 'do-follow' links work & pass link juice to external links?



Here is what you will get with this incredible service:
  • Your interview will be published in the form of a Question/Answer Interview post / Article / Featured Story.
  • Each Interview will have 2 Permanent Do-Follow back-links.
  • You can share 2 or more photographs and/or promotional video to be published along with the Interview.
  • You will receive Interview questions from us, and the article will be based upon your answers.
  • The interview will be as per magazine interview standards.
  • It will also be indexed and show up in Google.
  • The Interview post will also include hashtags
  • The Interview link will be shared on social media

Some info about these ultra high DA blogs:


You SAVE 50% because of

HUGE Review Copy Discount.

Sticky Packages:
Your Interview will be published as a Featured Story on the Home Page and will remain there as a sticky post for entire 1 month for maximum visibility.

After 1 month, the Interview post will move to inner pages of the blog.

Limited Slots Available:

It is Easy to order, just click below:


1. Can I get a Review Copy?

Yes, you can. You can get a review Copy with 50% discount. Simply post "I want discount code" on the thread and I will send you discount code via private message.

2. How will this work?

Once you place an order, we will share Interview questions with you. Once we send you the questions, you will need to provide the answers for the same. Please also share any photographs or promotional video that you want to be published along with the interview.

3. Can I see the url of the blogs where the Interview will be published?

Sure, Just message on the thread and we will share the same via pm.

4. What is the TAT (turn around time)

Once you share the answers to interview questions with us, the same shall be published within 7 business days. We will share the link of the same with you once the Interview goes live.
Business days are - Monday to Friday.

5. Refunds

To be eligible for refund, you will need to share the answers for the Interview questions with us. After we receive the answers, if we do not deliver in committed TAT, we will refund 100% of the amount.

6. Who are not eligible for Interview:

In order to make sure the high DA blogs have premium content only, the following type of sites will not be allowed:
Adult / Gambling / Pharmacy
Apart from above, we reserve the right to refuse a website/interview in case it is not aligned with the benchmark of the high DA blogs even if it is a review copy. In case you are having a doubt whether your website would be a good fit or not, please do ask via pm or skype.

7. Are the metrics of these blogs guaranteed, will they stay the same in future?

The metrics are verified at the time of BST approval which are verified by mods. The change in metrics at a later date is not in our control.

8. Do you guarantee any ranking results or improvements?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to ranking a site so unfortunately we can’t make any promises in this regard. What we can guarantee is an amazing Interview published on the high DA (30+, 40+ or 50+ ) blogs.

9. What are your contact details?

We thank you for reading till here. Please feel free to contact us on below details for any questions or pre-order queries​



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Aug 31, 2013
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  • Package(s) tested: Super Value Package
  • Turnaround Time: 2 Days
Service Information
  • My interview answers were added into the articles verbatim.
  • My requested tag was added into all three of the interview articles.
  • My requested anchor text and link were added into the article.
  • The advertised DA of the websites was more or less accurate when I checked them.
Additional Information
  • Whilst 2 of the domains had their ages advertised correctly in the original sales thread, the domain age checkers I used appeared to be off with one of the domains, suggesting it was 10 months old. The Wayback Machine confirmed it was much older, however.
For Buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

For Buyers Regarding Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.


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Feb 9, 2010
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Interested in sample and review copy!
Interested in sample and review

@SMfelipe , Thanks for your order :). Looking forward to receive the details from you.

Samples, please!
interested in review copy
Sample plz...
interested in review copy
Interested in review copy, send me me the code
Interested! Send me discount code please + sample
interested in review copy
Interested send me some samples
Sample and discount please. Thank you
Sample and discount
Sample please.

I have shared samples and discount code for 50% review copy with all of you.


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Jun 15, 2018
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I had the pleasure to get the "Regular Package - Starter Pack" as part of my review copy.

The process of receiving the service was very straight-forward, I just got the interview questions and could answer those that I wanted to. I was also free to add new ones if I wished to do so. Additionally I told the seller where I wanted my do-follow links placed. After that I got a link to the published article + a screenshot of moz showing the DA being 37. The seller made the effort to put my answers to the questions together by adding a few sentences and a title to wrap it up in a nice article. He even offered to make any changes in case I wasn't happy about anything. In total the article was published in LESS THAN AN HOUR after me sending my responses to the questions. In general communication with the seller was very easy and professional, he always replied to all of my messages very quickly.

All in all: great service and seller!

Thank you very much :)
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