302 redirects

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    Question about 3023 redirect

    Hi All, I recently asked a developer to do a 302 redirect for 5 of my websites to the url of my new main website using htaccess. i assumed that when you do 302 redirect you don't lose the traffic to the old sites straight away but its been a week now since the redirect has been setup but for...
  2. M

    Can Someone Explain These 302 Redirects I found in Ahrefs

    I found some 302 redirects in the BL profile of a domain I was considering purchasing: I am used to finding 301s for SEO purposes, but these are the first 302 links I found. I understand that 302 redirects indicate a temporary move, and aren't suppose to pass PR. So what is the purpose of...
  3. C

    Reverse Engineering A Successful BlackHat Site 302 Redirect Question

    So I have been looking at 1 particular blackhat site that is ranking very high for some huge keywords (I WILL NOT NAME THIS SITE IN THE THREAD SO DON'T ASK) I have been compiling data to do with the way this site gets and maintains its rankings. It is clear that the site uses a lot of 302...
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    Buying a PR6 Ranked Website

    I am starting a new online company and the domain I have is brand new (only 2 months old). I have found a website on Flippa that is for sale and has a PR6 ranking. The niche of the website is not exactly like my new online company but it is in the same industry. If I was to buy this PR6 website...
  5. Endire

    Website Redirect Tips

    I see a lot of questions from those new to SEO and IM about redirecting URLs so I thought I would share some common tips. Enjoy! Redirecting URL?s What are the basic kinds of redirects? Just in case you your knowledge is lacking on redirects, I thought I would mention all the different...