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  1. D


    hello everyone, i wanted to check here to see if theres any possibility that anyone here knows to recommend if my friend can buy aged gmail accounts? please advise thanks.
  2. C

    Help Claiming a Non Active or Dead Account

    Is it possible to claim a username as your own if the username has no profile picture, no posts, no followers. or if the page has been inactive for over 7 years? I've tried going the route of messaging them to pay for the account however no one has responded for months (probably because the...
  3. F

    How to recover Google Account ?

    Hello guys. I have a google account that I lost access to. I have both a phone number and email recovery set up ! The problem is that it shows a popup that I have tried too many times. ( I tried after 24h and it is the same). I can not get the option to recover it with my email nor my phone...
  4. Simeon4real

    Creating US facebook accounts

    Hi guys,good evening am just wondering how can I create US facebook accounts when am in another country? Please I need feedbacks❤️ Thanks y'all
  5. K

    Buying ClickBank product Get paid back instantly plus $15 to your paypal

    There is a ClickBank product that I need to purchase. For some reason, specific countries Clickbank doesn't accept payment even thru Paypal. The product costs $27. I will pay back immediately $27 plus another $15 for the service, making $42 back to his PayPal account. These are the steps to...
  6. cosmo89

    Need help with account upgrade.

    i just upgreaded my account recently and tried to add a thread in marketplace, but not able to. Please help.
  7. Fox-con12

    How to Manage Multiple FB Accounts

    Hi, Newbie question here, once I create/ buy multiple FB accounts what's the best system to manage them in regards to login in and out of them? I realize that new accounts need to warm up before you do anything with them, but am not sure how to make sure FB doesn't know they are all managed...
  8. T

    Need Help about IG Account Access

    Today at Morning I posted a photo on my Ig Account through the app and they somehow deleted the photo for their policy violation And when I click on Ok button, it says : I can’t able to go on my timeline and can’t perform any activity Does anyone knows way to solve this issue??

    How to pass the Facebook security check with multi-account

    Hello, I do not know where to post. Sorry if it's not the right place. I have a Facebook account, but Fb blocked it due to "security reasons". I use this account to manage the Fb page for my business. So, now, I'm blocked because the only option they offer to me is to contact "friends"...
  10. Determined Diva

    Facebook's being a pain!

    Hello everyone I am absolutely tired of these extra security measures that Facebook takes to ensure identity even thought thousands of accounts are hacked. Is there an easier way to get your account back? Problem with me is that I changed my phone number and I kept putting off changing the...
  11. Lara Bennett

    Buy Digital Ocean accounts

    Hi, Im looking for buying Digital Ocean accounts, can anyone provide this? I would need the account activated with a creditcard. Depending on the card, i can either pay you the usage, but give me an offer, i would need multiple accounts.
  12. L

    In 2018 or 2017, have you been able to claim/acquire a dead/blank account?

    I'd like to acquire an account that has 0 activity, no images, no follows, and one random follower (the follower has 2 pics and no presence either for a year now). Anyone successfully acquired an account via reaching out to IG? I don't have trademarks.
  13. N

    [URGENT] Need answer for PayPal enquiry

    Hi, I've had a PayPal account with $100 AUD, I tried to send a small sum to my other stealth account but received a message 'error sending funds, contact support blah blah'. I believed this was a sign that my account was about to get limited so naturally I hastily retreated my paypal balance...
  14. Yamazuna Rock

    I need to pay pal in my account

    I need to add the payment method for transfers paypal :(
  15. C

    My IP is Banned

    I mistakingly entered my password incorrectly one too many times. Now my IP is banned. Currently accessing through a VPN. How can I go about having this ban removed?
  16. megaMind007

    How can i get niche related Intragram Profile

    Hi, How can I get 500 Instagram profile who have already 10K follower in there account based on: - Fashion - Clothing - Designer - Boutique shop related account is there any tools or website that help me to find those specific profiles on Instagram, thanks in advanved.
  17. E

    [WTB] Facebook Page - Send Like Invitations (after post liked)

    I am growing my page and sending manual Page Like Invitations to all users who like my posts. I will pay 5$ for every 2000 invitations sent. My page is under 20.000 fans and i will be doing this till i reach 100.000 fans, so you can make 200$. You need your own facebook accounts and proxies...
  18. mistersmith

    Change IP / Use Proxy for Instagram Account Creation

    How are a lot of people creating accounts? Mass accounts? I understand the 'whole' bluestacks system. My question is it possible to simply add a proxy to firefox and create accounts? When Instagram says you reached the limit of account creation just change the proxy again? Can't you add...
  19. R

    Does anyone have Optmyzr login details I can have/Borrow/Buy

    Hi Guys, does any one have access to Optmyzr ? I am desperate to try there premium scripts. Unless anyone could recommend a better place to find/use premium scripts. Please help. Thanks